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Beginnger Guide to Reparenting

A Beginner's Guide
to Reparenting
Reparenting is giving ourselves what we didn't receive in childhood.
These are the things parents are supposed to model for their children.
Most parents are unaware that these are part of the parenting
process or did not receive these themselves. As adults, it is now our
responsibility to teach them to ourselves
Allowing a child to process
mistakes with compassion.
Guiding the child to accept
their role in the situation &
helping them to understand:
1. What they learned
2. How they can behave
differently next time
Modeling how to delay
gratification, work to
achieve a goal, & keep
daily promises to self
with firmness and
Self Awareness
Understanding of needs,
wants, desires, and
passions. Helping a child to
understand their internal
world as well as to develop
the ability to view oneself
objectively from the
perspective of others
Regulation &
Modeling how to process
1. Understand how they feel in
the body
2. Label them to aid in
3. Soothe them by sitting
through them or choosing a
healthy way to feel better
Re lection
Ability to
be present
Helping a child to objectively
view a experiences & see the
"why" in how things
resulted. Examining their
role in each situation without
judgement for feedback
Modeling conscious
1. Ability to be fully present
2. Ability to mirror back a
child's unique emotional
experience (even when
different from their own)
Source: @the.holistic.psychologist
Daily Reparenting Menu
Take a minute to tune into yourself and ask:
"What do I need today?
Pick 1 of these things each day to reparent yourself
Bounda ies
Emotional Awa eness
Say no to something that doesn't serve
Observe how emotions feel in your
Clearly state your needs in objective
Notice what causes you to be triggered
language when not emotionally
Practice deep belly breathing to
regulate your body's response
Hold a boundary even if you're
Allow an emotional response without
judgement - Practice allowing any and
Disconnect & spend time in self
all emotions
Self Ca e
Go to bed a bit earlier
Dance or sing freely
Eat a home cooked meal
Do something unplanned
Meditate for 5 minutes
Find a new hobby or interest
Future self journal
Compliment a stranger
Move your body for 5 minutes
Do something you
Get sun on your skin
absolutely loved as as child
Connect with nature
Connect with someone you love
Daily Reparenting Tracker
Commit to 30 days of filling these
questions out in the morning and at night
You will be amazed at your growth!
Morning Question:
What will I do today to reparent myself?
Night Questions:
How did it feel to reparent myself?
What could I do differently tomorrow to reparent
myself better?