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Keyboard ShortCuts

Using Shortcut Keys, Icons, and Buttons
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Using Shortcut Keys, Icons, and Buttons
Sage ERP Accpac programs include a variety of shortcut keys, icons, and buttons on data entry and inquiry forms
to help you to work more efficiently.
There are shortcuts to help you to:
Move around in a form .
Find or display data .
Enter and delete data .
The shortcuts, icons, and buttons that appear on any particular form depends on the type and purpose of the
form. For example, the G/L Batch List and the Finder let you view columns of data, while the G/L Journal Entry
and Currency Rates forms let you enter and edit data.
Move Around in a Sage ERP Accpac Form
Page Up
Go to the first (top) record visible in a list.
Page Down
Go to the last (bottom) record visible in a list.
Ctrl/Page Up
Go to the first record in a Finder list.
Ctrl/Page Down
Go to the last record in a Finder list.
Move out of a grid or list to the first button or field following the grid or list.
Move out of a grid or list to the button or field directly above the grid or list.
Go to the first entry in a list.
Go to the last entry in a list.
Tab or Enter;
Shift+Tab or
Go to the next column; or
Go to the previous column.
Alt+C (or Alt+F4)
Close a form or dialog box.
Open the Set Criteria dialog box to specify records that will be displayed in the
Cancel/close a pop-up window (for example, the calendar, or a screen opened
with the Zoom button).
Up Arrow / Down
Go up or down one line in a grid.
Display Data
Display online Help.
(or Alt+Down
Arrow )
Display the Help menu.
Display the calendar for a date field.
Display the Finder.
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Using Shortcut Keys, Icons, and Buttons
Display the information for a record.
(Go button)
Enlarge the selected record by opening a detail form that displays more
information from the record.
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Shift +
Open a second detail form (called the Zoom Detail) from a detail form.
Display the first, previous, next, or last record.
(Navigation buttons)
(Drilldown button)
Drill down to a source transaction.
(Drop-down list button)
Display the choices you can select for a particular field by clicking the
arrow button beside the list, or by tabbing to the list field and pressing the
Alt and Down Arrow keys on our keyboard.
Print a report.
Enter or Delete Data
Start a new record.
(New icon)
(or Ctrl+Insert)
Insert a blank row in a grid to add a new record.
Begin a new entry when you are pointing to a field that has a New button beside it.
Turn on the edit mode in a list or grid. Press it again to turn off the edit mode.
Delete (or Alt+D)
Delete the selected row or record.
Save a new record.
Save changes to the displayed record.
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