Subido por Carlos Dominguez


Faith, hope and love…
Life for me ain’t been no crystal stairs. I have had many challenges thrown my way but I
overcame them to go on with my life and evolve into a better person. Having everyone doubt you, say
you ain’t going to pass, do everything in their power to make you feel down but you overcome that by
just smiling, at least I do. All of you have a different story to share, but not all of us can say we are the
same since freshman year. Many of us have changed physically or internally. Evolving throughout your
high school years to either better yourself or create your own failure, whether you decide to take your
own fault or blame another being is all up to how mature you have grown. Challenges, growth and
acknowledging the importance of love is what high school is about.
Whether we have small or big challenges, we either have to overcome them to move on with
life or suffer the emotion or stress that is put on our shoulders. Throughout high school you either had
to stress over about drama, school work weather with finals, tests, essays. Plus, my favorite saying in my
late high school years was you have to pass this class, assessment and/or do this certain thing or you
won’t graduate. Like we don’t have enough stress with our outside world but that’s what challenges us,
making us take more in and improving our patience and our self being. Preparing us to have multiple
tasks and also helps us be used to stress with work as we all will work for our future.
As i see my old friends from the past i see that they have grown, as people ive met recently their stories
tell a lot from how theyve grown. You all have grown, you are all adults or at least soon to be adults. You
will all be starting anew after graduation, where ever that takes you just know youll be having to put
effort into your dreams, effort to overcome the obstacales you come across to grow and build into a
stronger you, more independant person.
I just said youll grow to a stronger and more independant person with overcoming obstacles and im not
saying its impossible but for me i needed love by my side to overcome many obstacles or comfort from
someone to just tell me itll be all right. i say you need love because you need a comfort zone to open up,
whether its yourself, parents, pets, partner, anyone you feel love for is an escape from your stress in a
tough day. I also say love is needed because this one day i was at church and my pastor was just
preaching about god which didnt really stick to me until i thought of his words and everyday i would
think of those three words. He said to everyone we all need faith hope and love to surive this world, the
only thing we actually need is those three words. As i grew i noticed that he was right, sure i had my
doupts somedays and you probably having doupt right now but think and acknowlege what youve been
through, had faith on not giving up for a brighter future, had hope things will get better or hopes of your
dreams getting achieved one day, had love to feel comfort or simply loved. Just know that it wont get
easier from this point forward, things will get tougher, youll have bigger obsteculs but that should not
stop you, have faith, hope and love.