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Chapters 1─4
Before you read
1 Look at the picture on the front of this book. Where do you think the man is sitting, and
why? What do you think he is going to do?
I think he is in a park because he wants to take a break after work. Maybe he going to eat
2 Check these words in your dictionary. Make sure you understand them all.
Army: an organized military force equipped for fighting on land.
Boiler: a fuel-burning apparatus or container for heating water, in particular.
Coach: a horse-drawn carriage, especially a closed one.
Goal: the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.
Grenade: a small bomb thrown by hand or launched mechanically.
Harmonica: a small rectangular wind instrument with a row of metal reeds along its length,
held against the lips and moved from side to side to produce different notes by blowing or
Idiot: a stupid person
Jungle: an area of land overgrown with dense forest and tangled vegetation, typically in the
Find the right word(s) for these sentences.
a. A group of people who fight to protect their country. (army)
b. Two words you can use in a conversation about football. (goal, coach)
c. A stupid person. (idiot)
d. Something that can get very hot. (boiler)
e. Something that can kill people. (grenade)
3 Find the picture where you can see
a. A harmonica (page 6)
b. a jungle (page 13 and 15)
After you read
4 Where do these sentences come in the story? Put them in the right order.
a. Jenny arrived at our house wearing a white dress, and with a pink flower in her hair.
b. Jenny stopped singing for a second or two, and the others in the group stopped
c. But one girl, Jenny Curran, didn’t run away, and sometimes she walked home with
d. Jenny saw me and smiled, and I sat on the floor and listened.
e. But it wasn’t Friday night and Jenny’s band weren’t playing.
Answer. (c-a-d-b-e)
5 Forrest and Bubba have just met again in the jungle in Vietnam. Act out their conversation.
Student A: You are Forrest.
Student B: You are Bubba.
Chapters 5─8
Before you read
6 Do you think Forrest and Jenny will meet again? How and where?
I think maybe after war they meet again in some place because she was travel her “pacifist”
friends around the country
7 Do you think Forrest and Bubba will stay together in Vietnam? Why or why not?
Yes, because they are good friends
8 Check these words in your dictionary. Make sure you understand them all.
Chess: a board game of strategic skill
Medal: a metal disk with an inscription
Shrimp: a small free-swimming crustacean with an elongated body
Put the words in the right groups:
a game/play/queen/king (chess) b brave/gold/best (medal) c water/catch/food (shrimp)
9 Find these words in your dictionary.
Ape: a large primate that lacks a tail
Net: a length of open-meshed used typically for catching fish or other animals.
Look at the pictures in the book. Find the pictures where you can see:
a. a net (page 18)
b. an ape (page 36)
10 Find the word colonel in your dictionary. Finish this sentence:
A colonel is one of the top men or women in the army
After you read
11 What happens to Bubba?
He is killed in Vietnam.
12 Who shows Forrest how to catch shrimps?
Mr. Chi
13 Why are there two thousand people waiting at San Francisco airport for Forrest and the
Because they are unhappy about the war in Vietnam. They want to show everybody
that they think it is wrong.
14 What do Forrest and the President do in the White House?
They have breakfast and watch television.
15 Why does Forrest go to these places?
a Boston, to hear Jenny’s group playing at the Hodaddy Club
b Washington, to see Jenny again.
c Houston, to go into space.
Chapters 9─12
Before you read
16 Why do you think chess is going to be important in Forrest’s life?
Because he going to be a great player of chess
17 How do you think Forrest will find Jenny again?
I think he going be very famous person and Jenny will go meet with him
18 Check the meaning of these words in your dictionary. actor bet tournament wrestling Now
write a sentence for each word to show the meaning clearly.
He would like a famous actor
She went to bet in a casino
He died in an accident at a tournament
He is a gladiator of wrestling
After you read
19 Who says these things?
a. That looks like a nice apple.’ (Forrest)
b. ‘If you make that move you'll lose your queen.’ (Forrest)
c. ‘It’s going to be difficult travelling with an ape.’ (Mr. Tribble)
d. Take Sue back to Alabama with you, and start your shrimp (Mr. Tribble)
20 Who tells Forrest that Jenny is married?
Jenny´s mother
21 Why does Forrest go to Savannah?
The woman in the ticket office at the bus station says it’s a nice town.
22 What is Forrest doing in the park when Jenny and her son see him?
Because he is playing his harmonica.
23 What does little Forrest want to be?
A football player
24 What does Forrest do with the money from the shrimp business?
He gives some to his mother, some to Bubba’s father and the rest to Jenny and little
25 Which part of this story do you find the saddest? Explain why.
The death of Bubba because he wants have a great life with his family and friends but
he can´t do
26 Forrest Gump does a lot of very different things. Which would you most like to do, and
why? Which would you not like to do? Why not?
I´d like go to space because is a place when maybe never I will go, I don´t like go to war
because is very dangerous
27 Look at the picture on page 26. Write about the people in the picture – their faces and their
clothes. They are wearing native Americans clothes, they are happy and talking with Forrest
28 It is six months after the end of this story. Write a letter from Forrest to Mr Tribble. Tell him
what you are doing now.
To Mr. Tribble
Hello Mr. Tribble, how are you? I hope that you are ok, I´m actually taking care
of little forest and want to be a player of football, I hope that meet our soon and you come
here to visit me
See you soon friend