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(A entra corriendo a escena, apurado. Se choca con B y C.)
B - Oh wait, what is going on?
A - I need to check my skin but I’m losing my appointment!
C - Why don’t you go to the DropPod, it’s way faster!
A - The Drop what?
B y C - The DropPod…
B - We created a fast,
A - free
C - and private experience to help people take better care of their skins.
B - DropPod combines brand new technology created by L'oreal, but we took it a step further.
A - We created an urban experience for everyday people who want to take better care of their
B - or even the ones who don’t know where to begin with.
C - What do you mean by urban experience?
B - We are going to distribute QR Codes on the street,
A - in the subway,
C - in the park,
All - everywhere!
B - With these codes, people will gain access to the Drop Experience. The drops will be located
in the main shopping centers and galleries. By scanning your phones, the pod will automatically
get your personal information.
C - Next the pod will let you choose from different tests to take. We set up 5 progressive levels of
severeness. 1 and 2 represent lighter conditions, that just require a standard routine; for this
cases, the pod will recommend a personalized routine and will indicate nearby points of sale. The
more severe ones, represent levels 3, 4 and 5; and for these cases the pod will recommend
dermatologists endorsed by loreal and will let the user make an appointment on the spot.
B - The results will be uploaded to a global database, where the client and the professional can
check all the test results, the treatment and the progress made.
A - Finally, the pod will hand out a small sample to new users or luxury samples for loyal
B - yes, we want to reward clients that keep using the pod.
C - ass for the INVESTMENT
We calculated an initial investment of 500.000 USD for 100 DropPods to be scattered in the top
20 cities of the world. The best location should be easy to access, near workplaces and trendy
meeting points. The Pod will be manufactured with the latest and most sustainable polymers, in
line with L'oreal's mission of being responsible for the planet.
B- We estimate that the impact in sales would allow us to recover this amount in a period of two
years. More importantly, we are helping people to be more aware of their health and we will be
positioning Loreal as their main partner.
C - We also value our relationship with the dermatologists, with DropPod they will receive more
consultations in their clinics and, thanks to our severity levels, they can focus their time and effort
in patients with more severe conditions.
A - Did you know that on average we spend 12 days per year commuting to work?
B - Imagine you are on your way to work, you are in the B Line and one of our QR Codes surprises
you. You scan it and you sign up with your personal information.
C - Let’s say that you are in Galerias Pacifico, having lunch with your colleagues, and you notice
that there is DropPod on the second floor.
B - You go up and in three minutes you get the perfect treatment for your dry skin.
A - All this, without disrupting your daily routine! So why don’t you