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ThyssenKrupp Elevator (India)
Company Overview
ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Geared for growth
Our focus on customers starts at the top
Here in India, one of the world’s fastest growing construction
markets, ThyssenKrupp Elevator specialises in providing
advanced solutions for moving people from one place to
the next; vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
Our expertise in large infrastructure and demanding high-rise
projects makes us a perfect match for the key growth sectors
in the Indian construction industry.
‘Everything we do starts with identifying our
customer needs’
Bharat Vishnani
Managing Director
Bharat has an electrical engineering background and has spent nearly
30 years in the elevator industry encompassing all operational facets
of the business. He has worked with major elevator companies in
India and Persian Gulf countries.
Our portfolio includes Asia’s widest range of passenger &
freight elevators, escalators and moving walks, manufactured,
installed, serviced and modernised by us.
We believe in constantly innovating and driving efficiency
to provide value and delivering the right solutions for
our customers.
Our goal with each and every customer is to instill a deep sense
of trust that we are with them whenever and wherever they need
us by providing our best attention and services 24 hours a day,
365 days a year.
In addition, our continued investment in expanding our
Indian operations, commitment to high quality standards and
a collaborative approach to working with our customers and
partners show that we are committed to supporting India’s
future growth and prosperity in the long term.
‘Our company’s growth curve is the result
of us meeting customer needs effectively
and efficiently’
So all in all, we can assure you of our expertise in keeping
people moving from A to B smoothly, stylishly and safely.
Manish Mehan
Chief Financial Officer
A Chartered Accountant by profession, Manish has been with us
since 2003. In addition to being our CFO, he is the Head of Operations
for ThyssenKrupp Elevator in Bangladesh. Manish studied at the
University of Sri Venkateshwara.
Hong Kong
Sri Lanka
Where German
technology meets
Asian service
A global brand with a German heart
ThyssenKrupp Elevator Operations
ThyssenKrupp –
The diversified industrial group
500 company
Over 200 years’
ThyssenKrupp Elevator –
Global elevator and escalator brand
ThyssenKrupp Elevator (India) is part of the ThyssenKrupp
Group, a Fortune 500 company. Whether it is a new installation,
modernisation or carrying out routine maintenance, we’re
committed to delivering professional, dependable and
timely responses to requests at all times. Today, our 50,000
employees keep people moving in 150 countries and over 900
locations. ThyssenKrupp Elevator essentially operates in all
market segments by providing products and services which are
fit-for-purpose to the respective customers.
As the only global German elevator brand, ThyssenKrupp
is known for its precise and reliable engineering, product
innovation and high performance service standards that the
world expects from German technology companies.
Our extensive network of 27 Branches and 54 Service Response
Centres keeps us close to our customers across the country and
ensures that we can always provide quick assistance wherever it
is needed. The unique partnerships we form with our clients help
us turn any challenge into a solution. Close working relationships
with our dedicated project managers and professional sales
engineers regularly brings cost-effective and fit-for-purpose
solutions throughout a building’s life.
Above all, safety is our number one priority, which is why we
employ thorough systems and processes to ensure everything
is in order and functions properly - we leave nothing to chance.
To meet the ever evolving needs of our customers across the
Asia Pacific region we have established manufacturing and
supply chain facilities in the following areas:
— Songjiang Elevator Plant in Shanghai, China
Top 3
global elevator and
escalator company
offering end-toend solutions
— Zhongshan Elevator Plant in Guangdong, China
— Cheonan Elevator Plant, Korea
— Zhongshan Escalator Plant in Guangdong, China
— Contract engineering and supply chain facility in
Mumbai, India
New Zealand
Meeting the needs of all our customers
Whatever area of the property business you’re in, you can rest
assured that your needs are our top priority
Building Contractors
Precise project management
Reliable and rigorous, we leave nothing
to chance when getting things done.
Plan with confidence
Helpful online tools help you move
from concept to working drawings
swiftly and accurately.
Completed without delay
We go the extra mile to ensure that as far
as possible, everything gets done on time,
within the budget.
Support when you need it
If you have any questions about what’s
possible, our product experts are on
hand to help.
Extra support, always on hand
If extra resource is needed to come up
with an urgent solution, our global scale
means we have plenty in reserve.
Make it your own
All our products come with a wide
range of options for customising their
functionality and appearance to suit
your vision.
No nasty surprises
Should any deviations from the agreed
plan occur, we’ll inform you immediately.
Transparent and efficient
use of budget
We’ll keep you informed about
costs every step of the way.
Quality products mean
happier tenants
Not compromising on quality today
means fewer complaints from
building occupants tomorrow.
No nasty surprises
Should any deviations from the agreed
plan occur, we’ll inform you immediately.
One stop solution
Asia’s widest range of products and
services, coupled with unparalleled
design flexibility make us the only
provider you’ll ever need.
Getting it done
All our people are hired for their
‘can do’ attitude and are empowered
to do whatever it takes to get the
job finished.
Everything we do
starts with you
Building Owners
Building Managers
Capabilities you can count on
Our global scale and wide range of
solutions mean that no job is too big for
us. German quality standards mean
that great execution is our top priority.
Minimise operating costs
Our third party service offer helps you
consolidate your maintenance costs
across your portfolio of properties by
using just one provider – us.
Reliable maintenance engineers
Because nothing’s more infuriating than
someone who turns up late then fails to
get the job done.
Here to back you up
Your contact partner will be a highly
trained sales engineer, ensuring
simple information flow and shorter
response times.
Peace of mind we’ll keep
things moving
Our extensive network of Asia’s most
helpful service engineers are just a call
away, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Treating your reputation as our own
We know your customers value reliability
and professionalism – so do we.
Reliable and responsive support
If and when things do go wrong, our
helpful technicians will be on site as
soon as possible.
Systematic project management
We minimise construction, planning and
implementation costs, complete projects
faster and guarantee cost and budget
confidence in planning and assembly.
Unique designs equal happier tenants
A wide range of functional and cosmetic
enhancements are available with all our
products to make the experience of using
them more convenient, pleasant, rapid
and more.
Rigorous attention to detail
Our engineers are all trained to be
professional and do a thorough job.
No bolt left behind
We’ll clean up after ourselves and leave
no trace that we were ever there.
Adapt to your environment
Our service engineers are trained to be
sensitive to the needs of your building
environment and to cause minimal
disruption to the tenants.
With you all the way
Providing you with end to end solutions —
from the first enquiry to the end of a building’s life
Sales engineers
At your service from the moment
you call, they will work to understand
your needs, then recommend the
best solution for you down to the last
technical detail.
Planning + Design
Project managers
Your dedicated project manager
will be your day to day point of
contact responsible for making sure
everything’s done on time, to budget
to keep you happy.
Installation technicians
Punctual and thorough in their
approach, our installation technicians
get the job done quickly, without cutting
any corners.
New Construction
Our team makes
it simple to keep people
moving, every step
of the way
Customer care coordinators
Whether you need to tell us that
somebody’s stuck in the lift or have
a question about reducing power
consumption, help is just a call away.
Maintenance engineers
Asia’s most helpful service experts
are always on hand to keep your portfolio
of equipment moving.
Modernisation & Renew
High speed elevators
Whether you are planning for a high rise, high performance,
high speed, or simply high specification solution, we offer
a range of elevators and innovations that were developed
with these needs in mind
More efficient machines
In addition to improving the performance of your system,
new machines can deliver higher energy efficiency.
For example a PMS (Permanent Magnet Synchronous)
machine can consume up to 15% less energy than older
geared machines.
Straight to the top in 60 seconds
With a top speed of 10m/s, our fastest elevators are capable
of taking people to the top of the world’s tallest buildings in
around 1 minute.
Double deck elevator
The high speed two story elevator that doubles handling
capacity to reduce passenger waiting times.
— Suitable for buildings over 350m in height
— Can be used to reduce the shaft core footprint,
thus increasing the building’s leasable area
VDI 4707 certified
More and more of our products are being awarded VDI 4707
class A rating for energy efficiency, including our double-deck
lifts, making them best in class for saving energy throughout
the product’s life.
TWIN Elevators
TWIN Elevators
Two cars, one shaft – making queuing a thing of
the past. ThyssenKrupp is the first elevator manufacturer
to provide the revolutionary TWIN® elevator system.
Advantages of TWIN elevator system:
— Reduces shaft core size
— Increases net leasable area
— No problem serving varying floor-to-floor heights
— Reduces passengers’ waiting and travel time to
a minimum
— Energy and material savings
Destination Selection Control (DSC)
Our intelligent control system assigns passengers to the most
suitably placed elevator, once they have entered their intended
destination on the keypad in the elevator lobby, thus reducing lift
lobby congestion and travelling times. Our Destination Selection
Control system can be applied to new buildings and existing
elevator groups, allowing additional passenger
carrying capacity without any major structural alterations
to existing buildings.
Additional functions can also be incorporated, including preprogrammed journeys using a swipe card or numeric PIN code,
corporate branding on the touch screen terminal graphics and
VIP/emergency call overrides to gain immediate
access to an elevator.
Medium/Low speed elevators
For situations where outright performance is not a primary
criteria but functional excellence, reliability and durability remain
essential, our range of practical mid/low speed elevators
provide excellent value for leaner budgets
Space saving and Machineroom-less (MRL) solutions
Our MRL solutions live up to ever increasing demands on
efficiency, flexibility and safety. The compact PMS gearless
drive allows more flexible and adaptable architectural designs.
In addition, it also offers larger capacity, higher speed and
more flexible car sizes and decorations.
Machineroom gearless solutions
Our MR-Gearless configuration enables you to go up to 2.5 m/s.
It can also deliver higher acceleration and deceleration rates,
giving passengers shorter waiting and travel times and an
excellent ride comfort leading to greater passenger satisfaction.
Machineroom geared solutions
Our MR-Geared system provides the customised solution for
a wide range of low and mid-rise buildings: residential, offices,
retail, hotels, hospitals and more.
For buildings with a view, our transparent glass elevators
provide an open alternative to the elevator shaft, giving
passengers panoramic views of internal atriums or the
surrounding area.
Our world-class escalators are durable and robust with a high
degree of functionality. With a host of customisation options
available, every escalator has the potential to make an
architectural statement while moving people swiftly and safely
between floors, indoors or outdoors. All in a way that’s tailored
precisely to your building type and specific requirements.
Heavy duty
Designed to suit the most demanding environments, such as
public transportation which encounters high passenger volumes
throughout the day.
Flexible designs
Our team has years of experience working with architects to
ensure that their vision can be executed down to the last detail.
Global innovation
Precision engineering and quality and a flair for new ideas
come direct from our global innovation centre in Berlin,
Germany. The centre includes a real prototype testing
laboratory and is focused on developing the next generation
of continuous passenger transportation systems.
Inclination options
We provide standard inclination options of 30º and 35º
to suit your building.
High and rising
Individual escalators can ascend to heights of up to
20 stories or even 75 meters.
Energy saving systems
A helpful energy saving feature that automatically reduces
the running speed to creeping mode when no passengers
are on board the escalator after a pre-set time. As soon as
a passenger walks pass the entrance monitors, the escalator
switches from creeping back to normal speed.
Moving walks
Moving walks are key connecting elements in public transport
and commercial areas. Whether horizontal or inclined, our
moving walks fit right in and ensure long-lasting, smooth
operation while offering passengers a comfortable, safe ride.
Our range of moving walks offers convenient mobility, making
journeys over long spans faster and almost effortless for
A wide variety of design specifications are available, allowing
customization of many visual and functional aspects of
performance. Whether in shopping centres, transportation
terminals, exhibition complexes or airports, our moving walks
keep people moving throughout the world in virtually all areas
of public life. Our moving walks enjoy an excellent reputation,
thanks to our many years of experience and our extensive
international expertise.
ThyssenKrupp’s iwalk can fit just about anywhere. Its slim
dimensions require very little building structural work, and
its compact and modular design helps ease planning and
integration into existing buildings. Its lighter weight and other
sustainable features ensure low energy consumption.
The new comb segments of an iwalk are only 7 mm above the
pallet band, a reduction of 80% compared with conventional
moving walks. Entering and leaving has never been easier
and safer for passengers. The stumbling risk is reduced
to a minimum.
The iwalk only needs a shallow pit of 380 mm – or it can even
be installed on top of the existing floor. All that is then needed
are two ramps, one at each end. This makes it possible for the
iwalk to be installed and removed quickly to deal with temporary
traffic needs or moved from one side of a building to another for
renovation work.
New Construction
We offer the most comprehensive range of mobility products.
Right from the Elevators capable of serving high, medium
or low rise buildings, Escalators that rise up to twenty
stories to Moving walks that can be easily retrofitted onto
existing corridors.
From your very first sales enquiry to the provision of post
installation servicing of our products, we aim to ensure that
your experience of working with us on any new construction
project is as convenient and seamless as possible.
However complex the project, you can be sure that you are
dealing with qualified engineers. Attentive Sales Engineers
will tailored solutions to meet your exact requirements, helping
you conduct traffic simulations to identify the most suitable
products and solutions for moving people around your
buildings smoothly, safely and efficiently.
All our imported elevators from Germany, China and Korea come
with the option of being supplied with regenerative drives. More
and more of our products are being awarded VDI 4707 class
A ratings for energy efficiency. Quality is guaranteed – as the
only global manufacturer to produce our escalator and moving
walk trusses in house, we have total control over the production
process, leading to fewer defects and improved reliability over
the long-term.
Our collection of references and case studies from previous
satisfied customers provide reassurance that you’re in safe
hands. And, with our rigorous commitment to guaranteeing the
safety of our products and all those who come into contact with
them, you can be sure that people are in safe hands in every
location we operate in.
Innovative Modernisation and Renewal Solutions
Even without full scale replacement, building owners can
minimise service disruption, improve performance, and extend
the useful life of their elevator system
Modernisation with ThyssenKrupp gives you the freedom
to combine packages and products that bring you the latest
technology at a pace that fits your budget irrespective of
who manufactured your existing elevator system. With our
modernisation solutions you can upgrade to greater reliability,
comfort, efficiency, code compliance and safety.
We have specifically designed our modernisation solutions to
help you achieve sustainable efficiency in your building. The
most advanced technologies in our power systems (controller,
machine, drive) and door operation can significantly improve the
traffic handling capacity and energy efficiency of your existing
elevator system.
One of the biggest benefits of our modernisation solutions is
that you can retain the base structural components of your
existing system while we provide the latest technological and
aesthetic standards. It is the most comprehensive approach
short of full scale replacement.
Furthermore, our modernisation solutions give you the
opportunity to combine fashion, function and compliance,
regardless of the age of your equipment. We also provide
customised renewal solutions which are designed to meet your
aesthetic needs and enhance the value of your building.
Coverage you can count on
Our rigorous approach is underpinned by a robust
support network
We are capable of serving more than
80% of India’s cities with over one
million people through our wholly
owned service network.
Our skilled and helpful engineers come
to work each day with one goal: providing
solutions to help our customers keep
people moving from one place to the next,
smoothly and safely. Their performance
is facilitated by a strong support network:
We understand that the safe and
reliable operation of your elevators and
escalators is critical to your building.
That’s why ThyssenKrupp Elevator
constantly tracks service delivery using
a real time field operations system,
VIEW. It’s the centralised IT platform that
helps connect our people around shared
information, track the things that matter
most to our customers, generate custom
reports and take proactive measures to
keep your equipment safe and reliable.
We are the only lift company in India to
use the independent,industry-accepted
elevator traffic analysis and simulation
software, ELEVATE, to create best-fit
solutions according to the customers’
lift service level requirements and budget
limitations. Used by India’s best-known
consultants, it sets the benchmark for the
proprietary software of other suppliers.
Quality control policies
Our quality control policies ensure that
duties and responsibilities are clearly
defined with compliance to the policy
audited at regular intervals.
An installation quality checklist
ensures the highest level of installation
quality before handover to customers.
This involves mini-audits at five key
milestones for each installed unit.
The right tools for the job
To meet the high standards of our
installation quality checklist and our
Prescriptive Maintenance approach,
each technician is equipped with his own
standardised tool kit .
Customer satisfaction surveys
When it comes to judging our
performance, we like to ask our
customers for their opinion. Customer
feedback on quality is systematically
solicited for each unit and corrective
actions taken to ensure customer
expectations are met before handover
of every unit.
Each Prescriptive Maintenance visit
gets logged into VIEW and 10% of the
customers are randomly selected to
take part in our customer satisfaction
survey. Our average performance to date
shows almost 80% of customers rating
themselves as either Satisfied or Very
Spare parts
In addition to the spares held at our
main depot in our Customer Service
Centre (CSC), each zone has its own
store of spare parts, replenished by CSC,
to ensure minimal downtown in case of
repairs. Each depot carries 2,500 of the
most commonly required component
types of which 800 are fast moving items.
International Technical Services (ITS)
ITS is a unique and dedicated technical
support, training, repair and R&D centre
for ThyssenKrupp Elevator. ITS Asia
Pacific, located in Shanghai (China), is
part of a global network consisting of
ITS Americas and ITS Europe, providing
global expertise and 24/7 real-time
support to our engineers and technicians
when difficult technical challenges arise.
Call Centre
Our call centre provides services in
India’s 12 most widely spoken languages.
Callouts are handled systematically via
a case tracking function to ensure timely
responses 24 hours a day, 7 days per
week. All this is available via our toll-free
number: 1800 102 8500.
Customer Service Centre (CSC)
Our ISO9001 certified Customer
Service Centre provides a variety of
support services to our frontline staff,
including contract engineering, quality
control and spare parts inventory
management. A First In, First Out
(FIFO) system for spares ensures the
longest warranty period possible for
spares shipped to customers. More than
7,000 component types are held, of
which 5,000 are fast-moving, meaning
customers experience minimal downtime
before parts are replaced.
Our branch and service network
We are one of the leading Industry players in the Indian market,
with a wide network of 27 Branches and 54 Service Response
Centres covering all major regions.
North Zone:
6 Branches
New Delhi
East Zone:
5 Branches
Navi Mumbai
West Zone:
4 Branches
Mumbai Zone:
3 Branches
South Zone 2:
5 Branches
South Zone 1:
4 Branches
Service Response Centres (SRC)
Agartala, Agra, Ahmedabad, Akola, Allahabad, Amravati, Aurangabad, Belgaum, Bhilai, Bhopal, Bokaro, Chandrapur,
Cuttack, Davangere, Dehradun, Durgapur, Erode, Gwalior, Hubli, Jabalpur, Jammu, Kannur, Kanpur, Karur, Karwar,
Kolhapur, Kottayam, Ludhiana, Madurai, Rameshwaram, Nashik, Palghat, Pondicherry, Raipur, Rajkot, Ranchi, Salem,
Satna, Sikkim, Siliguri, Solan, Surat, Tanjore, Tirpur, Tirunelveli, Tirupati, Trichy, Thrissur, Trivendrum, Udupi, Vadodara,
Varanasi, Vijayawada, Vizag
ThyssenKrupp Elevator (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Toll free number: 1800 102 8500
Head Office
1007, Windfall, Sahar Plaza
J.B. Nagar, Andheri (E)
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400059
Phone: +91-22-40429429
Fax: +91-22-40429430
East Zone Office
Malik Court, 3rd Floor
39A, Harish Mukherjee Road
Kolkata, West Bengal - 700025
Phone: +91-33-71739000
Fax: +91-33-71739044
Mumbai Zone Office
A-24, Vardhan House
Street No. 3, M.I.D.C. Andheri (E)
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400093
Phone: +91-22-66902300
Fax: +91-22-66902399
North Zone Office
429, Functional Industrial Estate
Delhi, Delhi - 110092
Phone: +91-11-41770200
Fax: +91-11-41770300
South Zone-1 Office
5/84-1, 2nd Floor, Mount Poonamalee Road (Butt Road)
St. Thomas Mount, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu - 600016
South Zone-2 Office
No. 18 (CITB 127), 11th Main, 33rd Cross,
4th Block East Jayanagar,
Bangalore, Karnataka – 560011
Phone: +91-80-41369400
Fax: +91-80-41369500
West Zone Office
202-A, 2nd Floor, The Orion Building
5 Koregaon Park Road
Pune, Maharashtra - 411001
Phone: +91-20-26139610
Fax: +91-20-26114604
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Colour and specifications shown in this brochure are for
illustrative purposes only. The colours and specifications
may vary from the time of print. Please contact your local
sales representative for the actual sample and up to date
Phone: +91-44-49050200
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