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NAME: _______________________________ DATE: ______________
A. Complete the sentences. Use the correct personal pronoun and present form of verb to be.
Use contractions when possible.
1. “ _______ your teacher Colombian. Yes, __________.
2. “Where _______ Shakira from?” “_________ from Barranquilla, Colombia.
3. “ _______ Madrid in Portugal?” “No, ___________”
4. “_______ your classmates from the U.S?” “No, ________”
5. “Excuse me,_____ I in your class?” No, __________. This is English A2. Your class is A1.
B. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb Be.
1. She ______________ my best friend form the school.
2. Peter and Sarah ________ from Colombia.
3. My parents _______ 60 years old now.
4. Rachael _________ a dentist.
5. I _____ a good student.
C. Choose the correct option to complete the following sentences.
1. This is my___________ sister.
a. friend’s
b. friends
c. friendss’
2. This is my _________ son.
a. brothers
b. brothers’s
c. brother’s
3. This is my ____________ house.
a. parents’
b. parent
c. parent’s
4. That ___________ ears are very big.
a. elephant’s
c. elephants’
5. Our ____________ birthdays are the same day.
a. mothers’
b. mother’s
c. mothers
D. Analyze the next situations and choose the best option.
1. I love this house because ________ color is white.
a) it
b) your
c) its
2. That girl is very beautiful. What’s ________ name?
a) your
b) his
c) her
3. Michael and Gina aren’t from Colombia. ________country home is the USA.
a) Their
b) My
c) His
4. ________name is Paul. I am 27 years old and I am a civil engineer.
a) My
c) Your
5. Cristina and I are married and ________ anniversary is in June.
a) their
b) our
c) my
E. Complete these conversations with AT, IN, ON
1. I go to bed _____9:00 o’clock.
2. I study ______ the morning.
3. My dad usually reads books ____ night.
4. What time do you get up _____ weekends?
5. I always visit my family ______ June.
F. Put the verbs into the correct form (simple present):
1. My cousin (travel) __________ around by car with my friends on Sundays.
2. On Saturdays he (study) ____________ English.
3. Sarah (watch) ____________ TV every day.
4. His father (work) ____________ in a big office.
5. Peter (have) ____________ three brothers.
A. What’s their nationality?
1. Fazul is from Ankara. He’s ______________________
2. Frederick is from Berlin. He’s ____________________
3. Adele is from London. She’s ____________________
4. Antoine and Brigitte are from Paris. They’re __________________
5. Mei Lin is from Beijing. She’s __________________
B. Match each number in letters with the ones given in the box. There are two extra options.
Six thousand four hundred one _________
Nineteen seventy two ___________
One thousand eighteen ___________
Eighty- five ________
Three hundred and twelve __________
C. What time is it? Write the corresponding time for each clock (5)
1. ______________________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________________________________
D. Match the definitions to the family members.
Your father’s brother is your ________________
Your brother’s daughter is your ________________
Your mother’s sister isyour______________
Your father’s mother is your______________
Your uncle’s son is your_________________
A. Read the paragraph and choose the correct answer.
A student at Stafford House International tells us what he likes about his English course.
My name’s Saray Martel and I’m a student at Stafford House. It’s a language school in
London. I’m Spanish, from Barcelona, but my mother is from Lyon in France. She’s a
teacher at a language school in Madrid. She speaks Italian, German, Spanish and French.
The students at Stafford House are from many different countries. Students are from
Japan, Mexico, Germany, and Italy. It’s really interesting to meet so many different people.
The principal is Scottish, but my teacher is American. She’s from New York and her
name’s Alex. She’s very nice and she’s an excellent teacher. Her classes are always really
fun. Nick and Adolf are probably my best friends in the class. Joseph is Scottish, and he’s
from Edinburgh. Adolf is from Berlin, in Germany. We always speak English together
because that’s the best way to learn.
1 Adolph and Joseph are Saray’s teachers.
A True
B False
C Doesn’t say
2. Saray’s mother is Spanish.
A True
B False
C Doesn’t say
3. Cambridge School is a language school in Spain.
A True
B False
C Doesn’t say
4 The students at the school are from different countries.
A True
C Doesn’t say
B False
5 Saray’s father is the principal of the school.
A True
B False
C Doesn’t say
B. Read the paragraph again and complete the information.
1. Name:
2. Surname: _______________
3. Occupation: _______________
4. Nationality:
5. Languages: ________________
A. Write a short paragraph talking about your favorite member of your family, Include
information about age, occupation, where they are from and possessions (car, house,
laptop, etc)(40 words)