Subido por Estrella Zuniga


12-3-19 8:00AM | Estrella Belginni Zúniga Rodríguez
Estrella Zúniga (Manager Director), Karla Linares, Lupita Linares, Julio Zotelo (Marketing Manager),
Rebeca Guardado (Production Manager) y Alejandro Guzman (Purchase Manager).
Product chosen
The chosen product of the meeting minute was the Teddy Bars. They are chocolate ice-cream on a stick
shaped like Teddy bears to appeal to children. One of the main reasons for the choice was the low costs
involved in the product due to the price of its raw material and its manufacture. The other important
reason was that it helps the company’s image as an attractive one for the children.
Product not chosen
We didn’t choose the multivitamin bars because we think that implies reaching a new market that we
don’t know how it would react to our product, it’s not a safe investment as the Teddy Bars and we would
like to have a market study that would tell us if it’s a profitable market. We didn´t choose the
Champagne-truffle bars also because it’s a new market and it would give a bad image of the company.
We got to the conclusion that the adults that likes champagne would not buy it on an ice cream store.