Práctica sobre la genética

Put the verbs in brackets in the most suitable future tense (present progressive, "be
going to"form or will)
Nota: recuerde que “be going to” se usa con planes, itinerarios, con mas certeza de que se vayan a
cumplir. “Will” se usa mas con promesas y predicciones: con menos certeza que vayan a ocurrir.
1.- I haven't studied enough. I (fail)_______________ this exam.
2.- They (get)_________________ married on 3rd July.
3.- There (not be)______________________ any wars in the 21st century.
4.- -Why is Jenny so fat? -Because she (have)__________________ a baby.
5.- If you cheat in the exam the teacher probably (catch)_____________ you.
6.- I have decided I (buy)______________ a computer. I really need it.
7.- I (not study)_______________ engineering. I'm rather bad at maths.
8.- I (take)_________________ the 9.30 train to London tomorrow.
9.- Perhaps he (not like)__________________ my birthday present.
10.- I (stop)_________________ smoking. It's very bad for my health.
11.- If you lend me a pound I (pay)__________________you back tomorrow morning.
12.- We (collect)_____________________ her at the airport at six.
13.- Look at those black clouds. It (rain)_____________________.
14.- My marks are very bad. I (study)____________________ harder.
15.- I think that men (land)____________________ on Mars in the next century.
16.- Susan (call)_____________________ me at six this evening.
17.- This beautiful building (be)___________________ the new public library.
18.- If you press that key you (lose)_________________ all the information.
19.- We (go)________________________ on a trip to Germany at Easter.
20.- You probably (see)_____________________ my brother at the post office.