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What God Wants You to Know LO QUE DIOS DESEA QUE SEPAS
By Raul Ledesma
Trafford Publishing, Canada, 2010. Paperback. Book Condition:
New. 229 x 152 mm. Language: English . Brand New Book *****
Print on Demand *****.Who needs God? Which God should I
choose? In What God Wants You to Know, author Raul Ledesma
reviews the basic principles of Christianity to help you better
understand spirituality and help you choose where you will
spend eternity. Written in an easy-to-read and understand
format, What God Wants You to Know answers questions and
defines basic Bible principles. It covers a wide range of
information important for those who wish to have a relationship
with God: sin, repentance, the power of prayer, the Bible,
creation, the creator, the divine trinity, fasting, scripture, and
God s purpose for you. What God Wants You to Know teaches
you how to have a relationship with the creator, how to apply
His word on a daily basis in order to overcome any and all
obstacles, and how to live a triumphant life in peace and
harmony. These principles will help bring you out of the
darkness into God s light and give you wisdom to enter heaven
with thanksgiving in your heart. Este libro cubre los principios
basicos de la cristiandad...
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