Nombre de la Universidad / Name of University:

Nombre de la
Universidad / Name of
Página Web / Web site
Redes sociales (Links) /
Social Networks (Links)
Número total de
estudiantes de
intercambio admitidos
por semestre / Number of
Exchange students
addmited per semester
Información general de
la Universidad / General
information of the
Calendario Académico
/Academic calendar:
Facultades o escuelas /
Oferta académica
disponible para
estudiantes de
intercambio (Link) /
Course information for
exchange students (Link)
Servicios extra
académicos para
alumnos de intercambio /
Extra academic services
available to Exchange
Hasta 10
Fall semester: September to December
Spring semester: January to May
Undergrad – Campus Paris:
- Other campuses:
Grad – Campus Paris: (see Masters
open to exchange)
Welcome programme:
Other services:
Alojamiento / Housing
¿La universidad ofrece
alojamiento en el
Campus para estudiantes
de intercambio? / Does
the university offer on
campus accommodation
for Exchange students?
Si no ofrece alojamiento
¿Brinda orientación al
respecto? / If not, does
the university provide
guidance on
Idioma / Language
En qué idioma se ofrecen
los cursos para
estudiantes de
intercambio? In which
languages are the courses
for exchange students
¿Cuales son los
requisitos de idioma?
Which are the language
Visa / Visa
¿Es obligatorio obtener
Visa de estudiante? / Are
Exchange students
required to obtain a
student visa?
¿Los estudiantes de
intercambio pueden
trabajar? / Are Exchange
students allowed to
¿Se necesita una visa
especial para trabajar? /
Is a special visa required
to work?
Sciences Po doesn’t offer accommodation.
Sciences Po has an agreement with the CIUP (only for a few weeks) and has
a housing department dedicated to assist students in finding an
At Sciences Po students can study in English and/or French.
For exchange students, Sciences Po doesn’t require any specific tests.
However, please note that, to be fully at ease, students should have a
TOEFL 80 (or IELTS 6) for English and a DALF B1 or B2 for French.
Non European students should have a visa before arriving in France.
Students can work with a student visa but no more than 20 hours per week.
See above.
Gastos mensuales aproximados / Living expenses per month (approximate)
Please see the next link to get an estimation of living expenses depending on the city students do their
Also note that health insurance is compulsory and has a value of 210 euros per academic year. The value
is the same even though students come for only one semester.
Students coming for 2 semesters within the same academic year (Fall to Spring/ from September to May)
will only pay one time. However, students coming for 2 semesters between 2 academic years (Spring to
Fall/ from January to December) will have to pay twice the amount of the health insurance.
Otros links de Interés / Other links of interest:
Exchange programme presentation:
Practical information:
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