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Correlation to
Following is a list of music resources in the
SPOTLIGHT ON MUSIC text series that
correlates to the themes in the August/
September 2008 issue of Music Express.
Grade and page number are referenced.
All listings are songs, unless otherwise noted.
Back to School, Fall Activities
Step into the Spotlight, Gr. 1, T6; Gr. 2, A; Gr. 3,
A; Gr. 4, A; Gr. 5, A; Gr. 6, A
Hokey Pokey, Gr. Pre-K, 4
Looby Loo, Gr. Pre-K, 6
Mi cuerpo, Gr. Pre-K, 5
All Work Together, Gr. K, T12
Fall (Allegro) from The Four Seasons (Concerto
No. 3 in F Major) (excerpt) by A. Vivaldi (listening), Gr. K, T305
Giant’s Shoes, The (poem), Gr. K, T32
I Know an Old Lady, Gr. K, T26
My Grandfather, Gr. K, T23
My Legs and I (poem), Gr. K, T19
My Thumbs Are Starting to Wiggle, Gr. K, T35
Neat Feet (excerpt) (poem), Gr. K, T30
Old Gray Cat, The, Gr. K, T43
One Finger, One Thumb, Gr. K, T38
Only My Opinion (poem), Gr. K, T29
People in Your Neighborhood, The, by J. Moss
(listening), Gr. K, T122, T171
Pimpón, Gr. K, T22
School Is Over (poem), Gr. K, T85
Singing-Time (poem), Gr. K, T15
Snail’s Pace (poem), Gr. K, T29
Something About Me (poem), Gr. K, T13
Stamping Land, Gr. K, T24
Time to Sing, Gr. K, T16
Toodala, Gr. K, T39
Tutira Mai Nga Iwi (listening), Gr. K, T17
Walk to School, Gr. K, T18
Walking Song by V. Thomson (listening),
Gr. K, T20
Won’t You Be My Neighbor, Gr. K, T268
Another Busy Day (excerpt), Gr. 1, T41
Ants Go Marching, The, Gr. 1, T22
Autumn Leaves, Gr. 1, T330
Bonjour, mes amis (Hello, My Friends),
Gr. 1, T18
Dragonfly (poem), Gr. 1, T44
Ears, Far and Near (poem), Gr. 1, T16
Gilly, Gilly, Gilly Good Morning, Gr. 1, T12
Head and Shoulders, Baby, Gr. 1, T40
Hello, There! Gr. 1, T230
Hey, Children, Who’s in Town, Gr. 1, T14
Hi, My Name Is Joe!, Gr. 1, T220
Jambo, Gr. 1, T230
La ranita cri (The Little Frog Croaks), Gr. 1, T27
Library Song, Gr. 1, T42
Mi cuerpo (My Body), Gr. 1, T32
Miss Mary Mack, Gr. 1, T15
August/September 2008
Rain Poem (poem), Gr. 1, T31
Rain Sizes (poem), Gr. 1, T33
Romper, Stomper, and Boo (story), Gr. 1, T36
Royal March of the Lions, The, from Carnival of
the Animals by C. Saint Saëns (listening), Gr.
1, T25
Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea, A, Gr. 1, T38
Sing after Me, Gr. 1, T34
Up the Hill (poem), Gr. 1, T45
Vhaya Kadhimba (listening), Gr. 1, T24
We All Sing with the Same Voice, Gr. 1, T156
Willum, Gr. 1, T19
Ach, du lieber Augustin, Gr. 2, 35
Apple Picker’s Reel, Gr. 2, 343
Autumn Fires (poem), Gr. 2, 237
Check It Out! (It’s About Respect), Gr. 2, 10
Chichipapa, Gr. 2, 22
Children’s Games (fine art), Gr. 2, 247
Corner Grocery Store, Gr. 2, 311
Country Gardens, Gr. 2, 16
Dance Together, Gr. 2, 264
Dance, Dance, Dance!, Gr. 2, 5
Do Re Mi from the musical The Sound of
Music, Gr. 2, C
Engine, Engine Number Nine, Gr. 2, 13
Heigh Ho, Here We Go, Gr. 2, 252
I Bought Me a Cat, Gr. 2, 14
I’m Gonna Sing, Gr. 2, 9
In and Out, Gr. 2, 245
It’s a Small World, Gr. 2, 298
Kia Ora (Maori Greeting Song) (listening),
Gr. 2, 65
Lemonade, Gr. 2, 19
Little Sally Water, Gr. 2, 249
Loose Tooth (speech piece), Gr. 2, 28
Music Class (poem), Gr. 2, 164
Plainsies, Clapsies, Gr. 2, 248
Red Rover, Gr. 2, 249
Riqui Ran (Sawing Song), Gr. 2, 21
Say Your Name, Gr. 2, 243
She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain, Gr. 2, 33
Sheep in the Meadow (Jump-rope rhyme),
Gr. 2, 8
Sing! Sing! Sing!, Gr. 2, 196
So Glad I’m Here (listening), Gr. 2, 47
Step in Time, Gr. 2, 5
Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Gr. 2, 56
Apple Tree (poem), Gr. 3, 24
Billy, Gr. 3, 7
Egy üveg alma (One Jar of Apples), Gr. 3, 22
Great Big House, Gr. 3, 14
Happy Wanderer, The, Gr. 3, 18
I’s the B’y, Gr. 3, 13
Kuma San (Honorable Bear), Gr. 3, 244
Simon Says, Gr. 3, 4
Sweet Potatoes, Gr. 3, 16
Way Down South (poem), Gr. 3, 8
When I First Came to This Land, Gr. 3, 28
Banjo Lesson, The (fine art), Gr. 3, 151
Clocks, Gr. 3, 266
My Town, My World, Gr. 4, 6
Something for Me, Something for You, Gr. 4, 4
Marken er mejet (Out in the Meadow), Gr. 4, 364
Qua C Gió Bay (listening), Gr. 4, 367
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Harvesters, The (fine art), Gr. 4, 365
Just Give Me the Beat, Gr. 5, 9
Ga Eul, Gr. 5, 401
Gonna Build a Mountain, Gr. 6, 4
O, La Le!, Gr. 6, 6
Hakuna Matata from The Lion King, Gr. K, T222
So Long, Farewell from the musical The Sound
of Music, Gr. K, T189
Frog and Toad Junior [MTI], Gr. 1, T270
Walking the Dog from the musical Shall We
Dance, Gr. 1, T169
Do Re Mi from the musical The Sound of
Music, Gr. 2, C
Food, Glorious Food from the musical Oliver!,
Gr. 2, 310
Hello, Hello There from the musical Bells Are
Ringing, Gr. 2, 126
Seussical [MTI], Gr. 2, 276
Consider Yourself from the musical Oliver!, Gr.
3, 335
School House Rock Live! Jr. [MTI], Gr. 3, 293
Annie Jr. [MTI], Gr. 4, 293
Happiness from the musical You’re a Good Man
Charlie Brown, Gr. 4, 124
Happy Talk from the musical South Pacific,
Gr. 4, 85
Hey, Look Me Over from the musical Wildcat,
Gr. 4, 114
Everybody Rejoice from the musical The Wiz,
Gr. 5, 226
Fascinating Rhythm from the musical Lady Be
Good, Gr. 5, 186
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor from the musical
Miss Liberty, Gr. 5, 42
I Got Rhythm from the musical Girl Crazy,
Gr. 5, 187
The Music Man Junior [MTI], Gr. 5, 290
Camelot from the musical Camelot, Gr. 6, 310
Comedy Tonight from the musical A Funny
Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,
Gr. 6, 204
Doing the Latest Rag from the musical Titanic,
Gr. 6, 314
Fortune Favors the Brave from the musical Aida,
Gr. 6, 316
Gonna Build a Mountain from the musical Stop
the World—I Want to Get Off, Gr. 6, 4
Heart from the musical Damn Yankees,
Gr. 6, 166
Lullaby of Broadway from the musical Gold
Diggers of 1935, Gr. 6, 182
New Ashmolean Marching Society and Students
Conservatory Band, The, from the musical
Where’s Charlie?, Gr. 6, 308
On a Clear Day from the musical On a Clear
Day You Can See Forever, Gr. 6, 206
Once on This Island Jr. [MTI], Gr. 6, 292
Slap That Bass from the musical Shall We
Dance, Gr. 6, 146
That Great Come and Get It Day from the
musical Finian’s Rainbow, Gr. 6, 306
They Call the Wind Maria from the musical
Paint Your Wagon, Gr. 6, 312
Multicultural Music Games
London Bridge, Gr. PreK, 101 (English)
Looby Loo, Gr. PreK, 6 (English)
London Bridge, Gr. K, T99 (English)
María Blanca, Gr. K, T98 (Mexican)
Mbombela (The Train Comes), Gr. K, T152
Muffin Man, The, Gr. K, T105 (English)
Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow, Gr. K, T287
Oboo Asi Me Nsa, Gr. K, T159 (Akan)
A la rueda rueda (’Round and ’Round), Gr. 1,
T240 (Latin American)
Diou Shou Juan’er (Hiding a Handkerchief),
Gr. 1, T212 (Chinese)
El florón (The Flower), Gr. 1, T117 (Puerto
El juego chirimbolo (The Chirimbolo Game),
Gr. 1, T103 (Ecuadorian)
Looby Loo, Gr. 1, T262 (English)
Mizuguruma (The Water Wheel), Gr. 1, T260
Piñón Pirulín, Gr. 1, T311 (Mexican)
Sara Watashi (Plate Passing), Gr. 1, T67
Vhaya Kadhimba, Gr. 1, T23. T25 (Zimbabwean)
Zui Zui Zukkorbashi, Gr. 1, T98-T99 (Japanese)
A la rueda de San Miguel (To the Wheel of San
Miguel), Gr. 2, 60 (Mexican)
Matarile, Gr. 2, 261 (Mexican)
Me Stone, Gr. 2, 48 (Trinidad and Tobago)
Poun to, Poun to (Where Is It? Where Is It?) (listening), Gr. 2, 175 (Greek and Cypriot)
Afrakakraba (listening), Gr. 3, 102 (Ghanaian)
Kuma San (Honorable Bear), Gr. 3, 244
Tititorea (Maori Stick Game), Gr. 3, 174 (New
Ban Dal by Yoon Kyekyoung (listening), Gr. 4,
184 (Korean)
Sansa kroma, Gr. 4, 166 (Akan/Ghana, Ivory
Deta, Deta (The Moon), Gr. 5, 246 (Japanese)
Eka Muda (Red Mule) (song and listening),
Gr. 5, 29 (Comanche)
Singabahambayo, Gr. 5, 56 (Zulu, South
Acitrón (listening), Gr. 6, 92 (Mexican)
Ole La’u Papa e, Gr. 6, 91 (Tongan)
Hispanic Heritage Month
¡Fiesta de canciones! Spanish Song Books
(Primary and Intermediate)
Festival Dance (listening), Gr. PreK, 74
Los pollitos (Little Chickens), Gr. PreK, 67
Mi cuerpo (My Body), Gr. PreK, 5
Animales, Gr. K, T192
Little Train of the Caipira, The, from Bachianas
Brasileiras No. 2 by H. Villa-Lobos (listening),
Gr. K, T143
El picaflor (The Hummingbird), Gr. K, T141
El tambor (The Drum), Gr. K, T129
La pequeñita araña (Eency Weency Spider),
Gr. K, T9
Las horas (The Hours), Gr. K, T70
Los pollitos (Little Chickens), Gr. K, T288
María Blanca, Gr. K, T99
Mi chacra (My Farm), Gr. K, T207
Na Bahia Tem (In Bahia Town), Gr. K, T163
Pimpón, Gr. K, T22
Qué bonito es (How Wonderful It Is), Gr. K,
Ride the Train, Gr. K, T144
August/September 2008
Tengo, Tengo, Tengo (I Have, I Have, I Have),
Gr. K, T212
Y ahora vamos a cantar (Now We Are Going to
Sing), Gr. K, T340
¡Adivina lo que es! (Guess What It Is!), Gr. 1,
A be ce (A B C), Gr. 1, T213
A la rueda rueda (‘Round and ‘Round), Gr. 1,
Arre, mi burrito (Gid’yup, Little Burro), Gr. 1,
Brinca la tablita (Hop, Hop!), Gr. 1, T71
Counting Song, Gr. 1, T195
Diana (Play the Bugle), Gr. 1, T334
Duérmete mi niño, Gr. 1, T61
El florón (The Flower), Gr. 1, T117
El juego chirimbolo (The Chirimbolo Game),
Gr. 1, T103
El vaquerito (excerpt) (listening), Gr. 1, T335
La camilla (Fiesta Dance) (listening), Gr. 1, T196
La ranita cri (The Little Frog Croaks), Gr. 1, T27
Mi cuerpo (My Body), Gr. 1, T32
Na Bahia Tem (In Bahia Town), Gr. 1, 297
Naranja dulce (Sweet Orange), Gr. 1, T303
Piñón Pirulín, Gr. 1, T311
Sambalelê (listening), Gr. 1, 205
Serra, Serra Serrador (Saw, Saw, Lumberjack),
Gr. 1, 133
Una Adivinanza (A Riddle), Gr. 1, T138
Why the Beetle Has a Gold Coat (Brazilian folktale), Gr. 1, 321
Wind Blow, Gr. 1, T187
A la rueda de San Miquel (To the Wheel of San
Miguel), Gr. 2, 60
Bate, bate (Beat, Beat), Gr. 2, 242
Batuque na cozinha by M. da Vila (listening),
Gr. 2, 307
Caranguejo (The Crab), Gr. 2, 306
Carnavalito (listening), Gr. 2, 251
Chango Guango by T. Vallereal, J. Ortiz (listening), Gr. 2, 60
Chiapanecas (Ladies of Chiapas), Gr. 2, 128
Chíu, chíu, chíu (Chirp, Chirp,Chirp), Gr. 2,
El burrito enfermo (The Sick Little Donkey),
Gr. 2, 180
El palomo y la paloma (The Doves), Gr. 2, 380
El tren (The Train), Gr. 2, 326
El zapatero (The Cobbler), Gr. 2, 138
En la feria de San Juan (In the Market of San
Guan), Gr. 2, 226
En nuestra Tierra tan Linda (On Our Beautiful
Planet Earth), Gr. 2, 114
Juan Pirulero (The Cobbler), Gr. 2, 270
Jugaremos en el bosque (We Will Play in the
Forest), Gr. 2, 188
La bella hortelana (The Beautiful Gardener),
Gr. 2, 208
Mama eu quero (I Want My Mama) (listening),
Gr. 2, 92
Mama Paquita, Gr. 2, 92
Matarile, Gr. 2, 261
Peasants (fine art), Gr. 2, 209
Que lleuva (It’s Raining!), Gr. 2, 274
Riqui Ran (Sawing Song, Gr. 2, 21
San Sereni, Gr. 2, 323
Señor Coyote (story), Gr. 2, 330
Sones de mariachi (Sounds of Mariachi)
(excerpt) by B. Galindo (listening), Gr. 2, 380
Bambini Giocando (fine art), Gr. 3, 231
Batuque by O. Fernandez (listening), Gr. 3, 265
Carnaval (fine art), Gr. 3, 33
Cielito lindo, Gr. 3, 166
Concierto de Aranjuez, First Movement
(excerpt) by J. Rodrigo (listening), Gr. 3, 41
De aquel cerro (On the Darkened Hillside),
Gr. 3, 32
Dide, Gr. 3, 279
Duerme Negrito by A. Yupanqui (listening),
Gr. 3, 108
El arroyo que murmura (The Murmuring
Brook), Gr. 3, 318
El atole (The Atole), Gr. 3, 396
El florón (The Flower), Gr. 3, 46
El nido (The Nest), Gr. 3, 214
Flor de huevo (Flower of Egg) (excerpt) by D.
Hildago (listening), Gr. 3, 359
Guadalquivir, Gr. 3, 30
Isabela and the Troll (story), Gr. 3, 349
La bamba, Gr. 3, 236
La mar (The Sea), Gr. 3, 110
La raspa (listening), Gr. 3, 211
La zandunga (fine art), Gr. 3, 213
Los mariachis (listening), Gr. 3, 397
Medley Polleritas by M. J. Castilla, G.
Leguizamon, J. Espinoza, R. Moreno (listening), Gr. 3, 111
Pajarillo barranqueño (Little Bird), Gr. 3, 358
Pezinho (listening), Gr. 3, 230
Que llueva (It’s Raining), Gr. 3, 274
Sensemayá (excerpt) by S. Revueltas (listening),
Gr. 3, 161
SoundCheck: Andean Instruments (listening),
Gr. 3, 33
Una de dola (counting rhyme), Gr. 3, 359
Uno de enero (The First of January), Gr. 3, 210
Vamos a la mar (Let’s Go to the Sea), Gr. 3, 256
A la nanita nana (A Little Lullaby), Gr. 4, 230
A la puerta del cielo (At the Gate of Heaven),
Gr. 4, 12
Adagio from Concierto de Aranjuez (excerpt) by
J. Rodrigo (listening), Gr. 4, 13
Arroyito Serrano (Mountain Stream) (song and
listening), Gr. 4, 340-341
Caballito blanco (Little White Pony), Gr. 4, 278
Corre el rio (poem), Gr. 4, 183
El barquito (The Tiny Boat), Gr. 4, 214
El coquí (The Frog), Gr. 4, 178
El manisero (Peanut Vendor), Gr. 4, 106
El quelite (The Village), Gr. 4, 362
El tecolote (The Owlet) (excerpt) (listening),
Gr. 4, 363
Festival Dance, Gr. 4, 140
Guantanamera, Gr. 4, 228
Hojas de té (Tea Leaves), Gr. 4, 256
La otra España (The Other Spain), Gr. 4, 62, 64
La sanjuanerita (The Girl from San Juan), Gr. 4,
La Yunsita, Gr. 4, 350
Las mañanitas (The Morning Song), Gr. 4, 194
Molinillo de café (Little Coffee Mill), Gr. 4, 250
Ogguere, Gr. 4, 327
One Note Samba by A. C. Jobim (listening),
Gr. 4, 92
¿Quién es ese pajarito? (Who Is That Little
Bird?), Gr. 4, 284
A Zing-A Za, Gr. 5, 338
Allá en el rancho grande (My Ranch), Gr. 5, 66
¡Ay, Jalisco no te rajes! (Ay, Jalisco, Never Fail
Her), Gr. 5, 188
Barbacoa para cumpleaños (Summer Family
Barbeque) (fine art), Gr. 5, 399
Batucada Brasileira (listening), Gr. 5, 433
Borinquen (poem), Gr. 5, 443
Carmen Fantasy for Violin and Piano, Op. 25 by
P. de Sarasate (listening), Gr. 5, 200
Cidade Maravilhosa (Wonderful City), Gr. 5,
Colores de Caracol (poem), Gr. 5, 101
Cuando salí de Cuba (I Went Away from Cuba),
Gr. 5, 168
Cumbia del sol (Cumbia of the Sun), Gr. 5, 16
Dance of Youth (fine art), Gr. 5, 207
De allacito carnavalito (Carnival Is Coming),
Gr. 5, 269
De colores (Many Colors), Gr. 5, 88, 98
El jarabe (Mexican Hat Dance), Gr. 5, 396
El vito, Gr. 5, 210
Estrella brillante (Shining Star), Gr. 5, 373
Guantanamera, Gr. 5, 215
La paloma se fue (The Dove That Flew Away),
Gr. 5, 259
La víbora de la mar (The Sea Snake), Gr. 5, 440
Let’s Run Across the Hill, Gr. 5, 268
Los maizales (The Cornfields), Gr. 5, 268
Mi gallo (My Rooster), Gr. 5, 272
No despiertes a mi niño (Do Not Wake My
Little Son), Gr. 5, 217
Oye coma va (Listen How It Goes) (song and listening), Gr. 5, 69
Portrait of Dolores Olmeda (fine art), Gr. 5, 101
Qué bonita bandera (What a Beautiful Flag),
Gr. 5, 442
Santa Marta, Gr. 5, 398
Son de la negra (listening) by S. Vargas and R.
Fuentes, Gr. 5, 397
Un lorito de Verapaz (The Parrot from Verapaz),
Gr. 5, 349
Uno, dos y tres (One, Two and Three), Gr. 5,
Acitron (GV), Gr. 6, 93
Al lado de mi cabaña (Beside My Cottage),
Gr. 6, 141
Allegretto by X. Montsalvatge (listening), Gr. 6,
Chíu, chíu, chíu (Chirp, Chirp,Chirp), Gr. 6,
Concerto for Harp, Op. 25 Third Movement
(excerpt) by. A. Ginastera (listening), Gr. 6,
Conga, Gr. 6, 34
El charro (The Cowboy), Gr. 6, 278
El tambor (The Drum), Gr. 6, 222
El tecolote (The Owlet), Gr. 6, 392
Este son by J. C. Ureña (listening), Gr. 6, 393
Huainito, Gr. 6, 351
La Bamba, Gr. 6, 381
La cigarra (The Cicada) by R. Perez y Soto
(listening), Gr. 6, 268
La cumparsita by G. Rodríguez (listening), Gr. 6,
La pájara pinta (The Speckled Bird), Gr. 6, 268
Los trabajadores agricolas (The Farmers) from
Estancia by A. Ginastera (listening), Gr. 6,
Merecumbé, Gr. 6, 276
Mi caballo blanco (My White Horse), Gr. 6, 60
Requiebros by G. Cassado (listening), Gr. 6, 80
Samba de Orfeu, Gr. 6, 190
“Prelude” from Carmen Symphony (BizetSerebrier)
Carmen Fantasy for Violin and Piano, Op. 25
(listening)[FTT Elena
Urioste - violin] by P. de Sarasate, Gr. 5, 200
August/September 2008
Caribbean Music
Wind Blew East, The, Gr. PreK, 74
A Tisket A Tasket, Gr. 1, T107
Duérmete mi niño (Go to Sleep, My Baby),
Gr. 1, T61
Plenty Fishes in the Sea, Gr. 1, T310
Banyan Tree, The, Gr. 2, 321
Dumplin’s, Gr. 2, 172
Me Stone, Gr. 2, 48
Tinga Layo, Gr. 2, 50
Jamaica Farewell, Gr. 3, 156
Pay Me My Money Down, Gr. 3, 149
Stevedore’s Song, Gr. 3, 127
Three Little Birds, Gr. 3, 204
Day-O (excerpt) by I. Burgie and W. Attaway
(listening), Gr. 4, 72
Jamaica Farewell by I. Burgie (listening), Gr. 4,
Ogguere by G. Valdes (listening), Gr. 4, 329
Water Come a Me Eye, Gr. 4, 90
Azouke Legba by Vodou Le (listening), Gr. 5,
Mary Ann, Gr. 5, 166
Turn the World Around, Gr. 5, 208
Angelina, Gr. 6, 8
Yellow Bird, Gr. 6, 154
Stories (from all over)
Fox, the Hen, and the Drum, The, Gr. K, T294
Frog and the Snake The, Gr. K, T297
Pile of Stuff, A, Gr. 1, T188
Rabbit in the Moon, The, Gr. 1, T318
Romper, Stomper, and Boo, Gr. 1, T36
Why the Beetle Has a Gold Coat, Gr. 1, T321
Coyote and the Bluebirds, The, Gr. 2, 231
Drumming Spider, The, Gr. 2, 333
Señor Coyote, Gr. 2, 330
Anansi, Gr. 3, 104
Gebeta Board, The, Gr. 3, 346
Isabela and the Troll, Gr. 3, 349
Year-Naming Race, The, Gr. 3, 385