1111-47-200 Eva A. Gallardo-Gutiérrez (

Eva A. Gallardo-Gutiérrez ([email protected]), Departamento de Análisis
Matemático, Facultad de Ciencias Matemáticas, Plaza de Ciencias, 3, Madrid, 28040, Jonathan
R. Partington ([email protected]), School of Mathematics, University of Leeds,
Leeds, LS2 9JT, and Daniel J. Rodrı́guez* ([email protected]), Departamento de
Matemáticas, Facultad de Ciencias, Plaza San Francisco s/n, Zaragoza, 50009. A continuous model
for quasinilpotent operators.
A classical result due to Foias and Pearcy establishes a discrete model for every quasinilpotent operator acting on a
separable, infinite dimensional complex Hilbert space H. More precisely, given a quasinilpotent operator T on H, there
exists a compact quasinilpotent operator K in H such that T is similar to a part of K ⊕ K ⊕ · · · ⊕ K ⊕ . . . acting on the
direct sum of countably many copies of H.
We show that a continuous model for any quasinilpotent operator can be provided. The consequences of such model
will be discussed in the context of C0 -semigroups of quasinilpotent operators.
This is joint work with Eva A. Gallardo-Gutı́errez (Madrid, Spain) and Jonathan R. Partington (Leeds, UK). (Received
February 02, 2015)