Errores comunes: La carta pidiendo consejos o dando consejos

Errores comunes: La carta pidiendo consejos o dando consejos sobre el insomnio
Most common error on this assignment: Getting sleep
In English we say I didn´t get enough sleep. When we say this we are using the word sleep as a
noun, it is something I can get or not get enough of. I don´t get enough sleep. I only got a few
hours of sleep last night.
In Spanish, this is not possible, you will never say anything about obtener or recibir dormir.
Dormir is a verb and when you try to use it as a noun, you are trying to word-for-word translate
this idiomatic expression from English. This cannot be done.
If you don´t get enough sleep (join the club), here´s what you can use:
Yo no duermo lo sufiente. Notice that you are just saying I don´t sleep enough. Sleep is not
something that is gotten here. Other things you can say:
Anoche sólo dormí 3 horas. (i.e. I only got 3 hours sleep last night)
Quiero dormir más. (i.e. I want to get more sleep)
Los fines de semana duermo bien, sin embargo entre semana no duermo lo suficiente.
Second most common error on this assignment: Dormir vs. dormirse
Dormir: to sleep
Dormirse: to fall asleep (this is reflexive because it is expressing a physical or emotional change,
to become asleep, to get to the state of asleep)
Please see all the other common errors on the Corregir los ensayos document.
There were many un otro and una problema issues that have already been
addressed in that document.
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