What are you doing? Talking about what you are doing . Contents: 1

Liceo Polivalente
“Juan Antonio Ríos“
Quinta Normal
5 Guía de aprendizaje
Unidad Temática: What are you doing?
Objetivo General: Alfinal de la unidad los alumnos y alumnas seran capaces de responder y
preguntaren el timpo presente continuo en ingles al pedir información con wh questions
(pronombres interrogativos)
Contenidos: W/H questions: What, Where and who
Present continuous. Vocavulario basico
Subsector: Ingles
Docente: José Manríquez Palma
Nombre alumno:
Curso: 3 A
Instrucciones: A continuación encontrarás una serie de actividades que deberás
desarrollar a fin de prepararte para rendir Examen Final.
What are you doing?
Talking about what you are doing .
1- W/H questions: What, Where and who
2- Present continuous
1- W/H questions
Wh- Questions allow a speaker to find out more information about topics. They
are as follows:
What Object/ idea/ Actions
What is your name?
What are you doing?
What is that?
Who Person
Who is that?
Who is caling?
Who is you teacher?
Where place
Where are you?
Where do you study?
Where do you live?
Complete the sentences with What, Where and who.
a- _____ is that girl sitting next to you?
b- _____ do you live?
c- _____ is your occupation?
d- _____ do you study?
e- _____ is your name?
f- _____ are you eating?
g- _____ are you from?
h- _____ is you best friend?
2- Present continuous
Use the Present Continuous with Normal Verbs to express the idea that
something is happening now, at this very moment. It can also be used to
show that something is not happening now.
You are learning English now.
• You are not swimming now.
• Are you sleeping?
• I am sitting.
I am not standing.
• Is he sitting or standing?
Grammar rules: Verbs which finish with “e” such as, dance have, etc. You
have to replace the vowel “e” with “ing”. Example: dance, present continuous:
Complete the sentences using present continuous
What is she doing?
She is (read) __________a book.
What is she doing?
She is (have) ________a
What are they doing?
What is he doing?
They are (dance) ________________
He is (study)
What is he doing?
He is (work) ______________
What are they doing?
They are (watch) _________ the