Focusing on the main problem/issue - TeacherKat- CLIL-SAM

Make an outline:
Introduction (you introduce the problem and state your opinion- your thesis
statement goes in here)
First paragraph (You start with one of your points and explain it, possibly
mentioning one of the arguments against your point and explaining why that
argument isn't relevant or important)
Second paragraph (your second point, explaining etc)
Third paragraph (your third point)
Conclusion (this is where you sum things up, concluding that your points have
proved you right. The highway shouldn't be built).
A few useful expressions:
To begin with / First of all
There can be no doubt
On the other hand
Taking into account
It is evident, obvious
Finally / In conclusión
I can guarantee…
I tell you, it’s a fact.
I tell you, it’s true.
I tell you, it’s certain.
I am absolutely certain.
I can assure you…
Focusing on the main problem/issue
What is the main problem?
What is the real issue (here)?
(I think) the major problem is . . .
Our primary concern is . . .
The crux of the matter is . . .
(As I see it), the most important thing is . . .
The main problem we need to solve is . . .
We really need to take care of . . .
It all comes down to this:
Asking for input
What should we do about it?
What needs to be done?
What do you think we should do?
What are we going to do about it?
Do you have any suggestions?
Any ideas?
Making Recommendations
I recommend that . . .
I suggest that . . .
I would pke to propose that . . .
Why don't we . . .
No es que quiera decirte/decirle lo que tienes/tiene que hacer, pero…: It´s not
that I want to tell you what to do, but…
Aunque tu digas/usted diga (…), yo te digo…: Although you say (…), I say to you
A pesar de eso, ¿no crees/cree que…?: Despite that, don’t you think that…?
Bueno, ¿ y si lo miramos desde otro ángulo?: Well, and if we look at it from
another angle?
Sí, pero desde otro punto de vista…: Yes, but from another point of view…
Por favor, fíjate/fíjese en…: Please, pay attention to…
Te/Le puedo dar mil razones por las que creo que tú debes/usted debe…: I can
give you a thousand reasons why I think you must…
Tienes/Tiene que darte/darse cuenta de que…: You have to realise that…
Supporting your opinions
Let me illustrate,
For example,
For instance,
To give you an example,
Let me give you an example,
To elaborate,
First, (second), etc.
(These phrases can be followed by details, examples, elaboration, or a summary
of your main points.)