AlarmNet, Communication is Critical

Communication is Critical to Protection
The loss of phone line service is a possibility
you should be aware of. Consider adding
an extra level of protection for your home
and family.
Please indicate if you are interested in this
advanced protection for your home and family.
Name: _____________________________________
Address: ___________________________________
Yes, I would like advanced communications
No, I decline at this time
I have been advised of the communications
services available.
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June 2014
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is Critical
The ultimate protection for your home.
A Path of Protection
When the alarm sounds in the event of a
burglary, fire alarm or other emergency,
it’s vital that your security system maintains
a continuous, dedicated link to the central
...from Home
station so the proper response personnel
can be dispatched to your home.
Honeywell’s advanced wireless alarm
communications make sure your signals
get through no matter what—even if you’re a
cell phone-only residence or have replaced
your traditional landline with a VoIP line from
your cable company. Your home remains AlarmNet®
protected if the phone line is cut, the Internet
is interrupted or the power goes out.
Peace of mind comes from knowing you’ve made
is lost if your phone lines are
the best choice for the protection of your home and
cut by a burglar or are without
the people who depend on you. Honeywell’s
service due to unforeseen
AlarmNet service maximizes the effectiveness of
events such as storms.
your security system by providing your family with
Reliable communication like
an even higher level of protection.
cellular radio can help ensure Central
that your security system notifies the central station
Your electronic security system relies upon the use
when you need it most – summoning the police, fire
of your telephone lines to report a burglary, fire or
or proper emergency response personnel to the
other event. Communication to your central station
protected premise. Response