The Monster Who Ate My Peas

The Monster
Who Ate My Peas
F U N !
By Danny Schnitzlein
Talk through your thoughts.
• Talk about the foods you like to eat. Talk about the foods you don’t like to eat.
• This book is filled with rhyming words. Look through the book with someone
and talk about the pairs of rhyming words. Notice how the rhyming words are
spelled. Are there any patterns?
Make an experience of your own.
• Rhyming is fun! Play a game with a friend and see if you can talk in rhymes.
• The monster ate peas for the boy, but only if he gave him something. Make up
a trading card game about foods.
Use your imagination to explore.
• Imagine you had 1 wish for a monster to come eat your food. Draw a detailed
description of your monster and write down adjectives that describe it.
• Plan some meals for your family. Think about what everyone likes to eat and
keep a food diary.
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Prepared for Clark County
School District
D I S F R U TA L O !
• Crea una grafica que muestra las similitudes y diferencias entre los dos libros
que has leído. • Despues de leer un libro, crea un examen de 10 preguntas sobre el.
• Escribe una conversación o haz un video de uno de los libros que leyo.
Compartelo. • Escribe una carta a un personaje de un libro or escribele al autor.
• Visita tu biblioteca publica y hazte socio de un club de lectura.
i R E A D
Preparado para Clark
County School District