2016 Spanish Homework - T2 Wk4

Tarea de Clase de Espanol – ROOM 11
TERM 2 2016
Week 1:
Learn the months of the year. Use these websites to help you:
Draw an illustration to represent each month of the year in your language books. (For
example, you could draw school supplies for enero, to represent the start of school.)
Research the celebration on ‘cinco de mayo’. Write at least one paragraph about the
following (do not copy and paste from the internet):
o What does this day celebrate?
o Why is it celebrated?
o Who celebrates it?
o What is significant about this celebration?
o Include any other interesting information about this celebration
Complete the National Identity Card from last term if you haven’t already.
Week 2:
Practice saying the date, including the day of the week, date and month.
o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6oHE07kScg
Look up the following holidays. For each, write the full date in your Spanish books.
The first one has been done for you:
o El Año Nuevo es el primero de enero. (New Year’s Day is the first of January).
la Navidad
la Pascua Florida
el Día de San Patricio
el Día del Trabajo
el Día de la Madre
el Día del Padre
Día de todos los Santos
el primer día de clases
mi cumpleaños
Week 4:
Research the Mexican tradition of the quinceañera. Find out:
o What it is
o When it is celebrated
o Who celebrates it
o How it is celebrated
o Why it is significant
Present your information on an A4 or A3 sized paper. You must put the information in
your own words and include images.
Choose another Spanish or Hispanic holiday or celebration to research. Find out:
o What it is
o When it is celebrated
o Who celebrate it
o How it is celebrated
o Why it is significant
Put your research in your own words and include images. Present this together with
the information on the quinceañera.
Here are some websites that might help you:
o http://ucanr.edu/sites/Spanish/Calendario/Major_Holidays_and_Celebrations_
o http://takelessons.com/blog/spanish-traditions-z03