Course name - Luther High School

Spanish III (World Language)
Elective – Year–12
Prerequisite: Spanish 2
School Year Theme 2016-2017: LEVANTÉMONOS Y EDIFIQUEMOS (Rise Up and Build)
And I told them of the hand of my God that had been upon me for good, and also of the words
that the king had spoken to me. And they said, “Let us rise up and build.” So they strengthened
their hands for the good work. (Nehemiah 2:18)
Course Description
Spanish 3 moves from developing to intermediate Spanish language communication based on
Wisconsin’s Standards for Learning World Languages.
Course Goals
Students will continue to develop competencies in the three communication modes:
presentational, interpretive and interpersonal. Culture continues to be embedded in the
instruction. Connections, Comparisons and Communities continue to enrich the learning
activities. Students will recognize that the Spanish-speaking population is God’s creation and in
need of a Savior.
Course Objectives
Students will continue to master vocabulary and structure for productive use in oral and written
communication, read and listen for comprehension, tell about themselves orally and in writing,
and work cooperatively with others to communicate in Spanish.
Course Outline: 1st Semester
1. Una carta a Dios (Album)
6 días
2. La mala racha (Album)
2 días
Repaso de subjuntivo
4 días
3. Preguntas (Album)
5 días
Casi una mujer (film unit)
9 días
4. Sala de espera (Album)
4 días
5. Emma (Album)
3 días
6. Noche de fuga (Album)
6 días
Hispanos famosos
2 días
La fonda azul (film unit)
6 días
8. El tiempo borra (Album)
2 días
12. Apocalipsis (Album)
5 días
Libros para niños
2 días
10. Leyenda (Album)
3 días
7. El nacimiento de la col (Album)
3 días
La Promesa 1
6-8 días
Course Outline: 2nd Semester
11. El nieto (Album)
7 días
13. La abuelita y el puente de oro (Album)
4 días
Romero (film unit)
6 días
Martin Lutero
5 días
María, eres tu llena de gracia (film unit)
6 días
El amor
4 días
15. La conciencia (Album)
8 días
El viaje de Carol (film unit)
7 días
23. Bernardino (Album)
5 días
La Promesa 2
8 días
Medalla al empeño (“short” film unit)
3 días
17. Cajas de cartón (Album)
8 días
McFarland, USA (film unit)
7 días
Las presentaciones de los países
5 días
interspersed in April and May
Instructional Strategies
Years of experience and research confirm that studying a second language in the target language
(Spanish, in this case) is required for effective language learning. To this end, all classroom
instruction will be delivered in Spanish and it will be expected that all student interactions in the
classroom will be conducted in Spanish – LA ZONA ESPAÑOLA
A variety of teaching methods will be employed. These include lecture, listening and speaking
activities, reading and writing activities, pair-work activities, cooperative learning activities, movies
and videos, music, and cultural presentations.
Attendance and Classroom Participation
Attendance and classroom participation are critical to language-learning; therefore, 100 points per
grading period will be “deposited” into your grade account for classroom participation with the
assumption that you will be an enthusiastic participant in all activities. Points may be subtracted
from the account if you repeatedly disregard the Spanish-only environment and/or are less than
enthusiastic in your classroom participation.
Assignments and Absences
Homework assignments provide an important means of language practice. Homework may
include one or more of the following:
• studying for quizzes
• practice worksheets
• writing assignments
• reading selections and corresponding written work
• projects
Writing assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests will be handed in and corrected by the teacher.
Use of computer Spanish translators is not allowed. Writing assignments will receive a 0 if a
Spanish translator has been used.
Practice worksheets will be corrected in class. You will receive 10 points if you have completed
the worksheet before class. You will receive 0 points if you are not finished. You will not be able
to hand in the completed assignment later and receive the 10 points.
If you are absent, missing assignments will be entered as 0 in Skyward until they are handed in,
at which time the 0 will be converted to the score you receive.
When you return from an absence, it is your responsibility to hand in missing assignments, to find
out what you missed, and to schedule missing quizzes and/or tests.
Grades will be determined on a total-points basis.
Extra credit assignments will not be given as a means to raise an overall grade.
Your final grade may be lowered by one grade (i.e. B to B-) if you have more than four NOT
DONE assignments in one semester.
As students, you have immediate access to your grade and your missing assignments via
Skyward. You are responsible for knowing where you stand in the class. Do not come ask the
teacher, “What is my grade?” or “Do I have missing assignments?” or “What are my missing
assignments?” Check Skyward, write down the name of the missing assignment and present
it to the teacher when you are ready to make it up.
Make-Up Quizzes and Tests
Make-up quizzes and tests will be done in the Spanish classroom. You may take care of make-up
work during any class period, regardless of whether or not there is a class. The teacher will sign
your agenda to release you from Study Hall.
Use of the Bathroom and Filling Water Bottles
You are expected to use the bathroom and/or fill your water bottle BEFORE class. Do not ask
for permission to use the bathroom or fill your water bottle – just do it! You will be marked
tardy if you are not in your seat when the bell rings. You may use the bathroom during class if the
need arises – just raise your hand and ask, --¿Puedo usar el baño? You will not be allowed to fill
your water bottle during class.
Food and Drink
Food/eating is not allowed in the classroom.
You may drink water/sports drinks during class
Classroom expectations
For the student:
• Begin to speak in Spanish upon entering the classroom.
• Tell the teacher BEFORE class if you are not done with your assignment.
• Once you are seated in your desk, take out your assignment due for that day
• Use time before the bell rings to visit in Spanish with your partner
• Be respectful of the instructor and your classmates
• Participate enthusiastically in class
• Complete written assignments on loose-leaf paper (no torn edges)
• Use blue/black ink or pencil for written work (no red pens or colored pens)
• Have a red pen available for occasional correcting in class
• Remain engaged in partner activities until the teacher rings the bell
• When you finish a test, you may work on other homework until everyone has finished the test
• Work on daily assignments until you finish or until the bell rings at the end of class
• Remain in your desk until the bell rings at the end of class
Your teacher will:
• demonstrate a love for each student as a redeemed child of God and as a Spanish student
• demonstrate enthusiasm for teaching Spanish
• be well-prepared for class
• correct assignments, quizzes, and tests in a timely manner
• be available for additional help outside of class
• give positive encouragement when things are going well
• give loving reminders when attitude or work ethic is lacking
Student Materials
3-ring binder, loose leaf paper, blue/black pen or pencil, red correcting pen/pencil
Spanish/English dictionary (Webster’s New World Concise Spanish Dictionary is good) is an excellent on-line Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionary