IOOBY: In Our Own Backyard

In Our Own BackYard (IOOBY)
Education Program
618 4th St. Suite 217
Santa Rosa, Ca 95404
Office: 707-544-7284
Email: [email protected]
Special thanks to Jack Laws for his generous
donation of beautiful mammal drawings.
A big thank you to Rose Pattenaude for her
generous donation of the many OOBY the
Owl drawings.
IOOBY is generously supported by:
OOBY the Owl
Created by LandPaths,
With inspiration from many wonderful field journals, especially
the Headlands Institute Field Journal
Nature Name:_______________________
School:_____________________ Adopted Site:_________________________
In Our Own Backyard
Field Journal
IOOBY Oath and Roots of Respect
Juramento de IOOBY y Las Raíces de Respeto
I promise to honor myself, those around me, and
_____________________ with care and awareness
and to live by the Roots of Respect.
Yo prometo de honrar a mi mismo, a los otros, y al
_____________________ con cuidado y conocimiento
y vivir por las Raíces del Respeto.