Students performed the play "Prohibidos los hombres"

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Publication Date: 04/07/2016 14:28:00
Students performed the play "Prohibidos los hombres"
The play "Prohibido los Hombres" on stage
On June 29th, Universidad Politecnica Salesiana's branch in Guayaquil presented the play titled
"Prohibidos los hombres", a play by Genesis Lozano which was inspired in the book "El edificio de
las mujeres que renuncian a los hombres" written by Karine Lambert.
The play, which was performed with the co-production of Criollo Custom Studio, is a comedy
about the different stages of a failed love relationship and the irreconcilable struggle between
machismo and feminism. "The cast led viewers through various paths of emotions, from hilarious
moments to the most emotional scenes," said Gabriel Garcia, director of "Katharsis" Theater
The aim of this comedy was for the public to question their concept of love and to reflect on its
importance in order to develop the basis of any society, which is family. For Gallardo in today's
society there are people who lose their dream of creating a family due to the situations they have
experienced. "We can all be romantic, but we don't want to see it", he said.
The play was part of the university's "Cultural Wednesday" program which is held in Guayaquil
and organized by the Communication and Culture Department. The aim of this program is to
create spaces where students can build a true cultural salesian identity. "It is very gratifying to see
students coming to the theater, but above all that they appreciate the activities held in UPS", said
Cesar Andrade, director of the communication and culture department in Guayaquil.
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