has within its attributions the promotion of hydrocarbon

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) has within its attributions the promotion
of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation investments in the national territory, in
accordance with the Special Law for Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons,
Law No. 286, and its Regulation, Decree No. 43-98, both published in 1998.
A total area of 102,004 km2 is available for hydrocarbon exploration. The area is
located in the offshore Caribbean and Pacific Margins of the Nicaraguan
continental platform.
Pacific Offshore:
33,515 km2
Caribbean Offshore:
68,489 km2
Areas were defined according to procedures used by the international petroleum
industry based on a delimitation system given by latitudes and longitudes defined
in grades, minutes and seconds. At the same time, the area is divided into
rectangular blocks of 10’x10’ oriented from North to South and East to West.
Each block has been identified by a special code to ease its selection and
identification on the map.
Areas for exploration are located within the following geographic coordinates:
Caribbean Margin of Nicaragua: Between Parallels 10º55’ and 15º54’ N
Between Meridians 80º40’ and 83º43’ W
Pacific Margin of Nicaragua:
Between Parallels 10º30’ and 13º05’ N
Between Meridians 85º49’ and 89º00’ W
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