Motivation letter Jose Luis Teruel

Dear Ms Portet
My name is José Luis Teruel Carretero and I am a PhD student at the Departament of
Geometry and Topology of the University of Granada. I am working here in my PhD thesis in
the field of Geometric Analysis. The topics studied in the Summer School are much related to
my current research work, in which I am investigating the behavior of complete surfaces which
have extrinsic curvature bounded from above by a negative constant and they satisfy certain
Geometric PDEs, as the Monge-Ampére equation.
I thank the institute Clay for the possibility to apply for a grant to attend the advanced
course on Conformal Geometry and Geometric Analysis organized by CRM for the next
summer. Thereby I want to ask for a grant to attend those courses, because it would be quite
useful for my mathematical training and for my future research work.
Yours sincerely,
José Luis Teruel Carretero.