I listened this sentence, long ago, in a talk about Espiruality, with the
consequently stir among attendees as the inability to interpret evolution and
improvement of human beings. What was the intent of the speaker, the use of our
popular sayings that statement?
It is clear that removed with force my convictions, and that led me to wonder some
questions and thoughts that I share with you today.
At birth, we already have with us all the seeds and what values to develop
throughout our lives, and if we pay attention, perceive what is going dominate us in
every situation. All these energies, are always accompany us, so one of our jobs is
to feeling inside their light and shade to get the most out without falling into excess.
Gradually I realized that the phrase was intended to make us see our ability to open
our eyes, observe and awaken our qualities, seeds to plant and care to collect the
positive fruit, not only for our benefit but for that of humanity to which we belong,
and especially one in which we move.
If we put ourselves in the position: "I am as I am and not like ... we can feed
confrontational situations, separation or resentment, not being able to rectify
behavior, blaming others for what happens to us, and even self-deceiving, feeling
appreciated victims rather than the error or
manipulation in which we are immersed.
The logical consequence is that little by little, we depart from those People wake
up, they see our imbalance, and is not shared or follow the game that manipulation.
Yes, you may die "pigs" in If not working forces that can take a walk moving in the
right direction, and then return to work of new knowledge and enhance ..
It is likely that at the end of our lives all these energies will continue to us, even if
we can leave this work in the shadows lights the world with much more
pronounced. It is also likely shadows will still be there in the next life to tempt and
verify if the work with them we have done is finished or still needs to iron out edges,
for all serves to improve and grow.
It is said that at the door of the temple of Apollo at Delphi, a place of worship in
ancient Greece, the entrance was flanked by the motto "Know thyself" attributed the
philosopher Socrates (470 BC - 399 BC), dating back beyond the sixth century BC,
The importance of this timeless aphorism is that directs beings human to explore
our inner reality, where everything need to end our suffering and achieve desired
fullness ..
And those who seek to know is on the graph of the Menorah, the candelabrum
seven branches, with its lights and shadows, which also represent the energies
governing each of the seven days of the week, the "Guide" in which support for
know the energy prevailing in each one of us, the virtues and defects that are in us,
the shadows come quickly through our emotional states that affect us and the
lights make them disappear those shadows, master and avoid these emotional
states we unbalanced.
Be continued.....
Juan José Quetglas