“The first essential for the child`s development is concentration. The

“The first essential for the child’s development is
concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely
“Maria Montessori”
The winter season is a good
time to study and focus on the
north and south poles. Where
are they? What kind of
animals and plants live there?
How cold is it?
These and more questions will
be studied with the children
during January.
We have planned some
projects around this theme
involving different kinds of
animals and cold climates.
We will work on 3D polar
animals, puzzles, matching
work, language cards, and lots
of books related to the poles.
As always we look forward to
another month of growth and
Welcome to are class to our new students: Izzy and Vivi !!!
Los pollitos dicen pio pio pio
Cuando tiene hambre ,cuando tienen frio
La gallina busca ,el mais y el trigo
Les da la comida y despues abrigo
Vajo sus dos alas acurrucaditos ,duermen los pollitos hasta el otro
Monday, January 4 - Teacher Planning Day
School Closed
Wednesday, January 13, from 8:15 – 9 am
Parent Coffee Get Together
Tuesday, January 5
First day back to school
Monday, January 18 – school closed
Martin Luther King holiday
Thursday, January 7
Infant Toddler Parent Education Night
Fostering Independence, 7-8:30 pm
Thursday, January 28, from 7 – 8:30 pm
Primary Parent Education Night Montessori & the Kindergarten Year
Remember to label everything (shirts, socks, backpacks,
underwear, etc).
Please try to dress your children in clothes and shoes that provide
an opportunity for them to dress themselves, and according to the
weather. Don’t forget coat, raincoat, hats, etc.