PREHISTORY TRUNK In this trunk the Museum addresses the study

In this trunk the Museum addresses the study of Prehistory, from
Palaeolithic to Neolithic cultures, by means of a set of resources which
allow curricula development adapted to different educational levels.
1.-Twenty-four lithic and bone artifacts, reproductions of representative
objects from different prehistoric periods. Pupils can use these pieces for
cutting, scraping, sharpening …
2.-A shafted polished axe, a bone fragment, an antler fragment and a piece
of tanned hide.
3.-Six Spanish and Basque prints showing different aspects of Prehistoric
times by means of drawings and texts.
4.-DVD containing the following films:
“La odisea de la especie” (“Odyssey of the Species”)
“En busca del Fuego” / (“Quest for Fire”)
5.-Teacher’s guide, in Spanish and in Basque, including texts, guidance
on tools use and making, worksheets, glossary and bibliography.
The trunk can be borrowed free of charge for up to two weeks upon prior
request by phone, tel.: (00 34) 848 426 493. Once the date has been set,
the responsible person shall check the trunk out and return it to the
Museum in perfect condition.
Museo de Navarra
C/Santo Domingo 47
31001 Pamplona (Navarra, Spain)