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Proceedings of the Third Internatiional Symposium
m on Renewable E
Energy and Sustaainability,
Temixco, Moreloos, México, Septeember 9-11, 20155
NES FFelipe Ponce O
Ojendiza, Sergiio A. Serna Barquerab, Álvarro Torres Islassc*, Jesús Mariio Colín de la Cruzc, Moissés Montiel Go
onzálezc* a
FFacultad de C
Ciencias Quím
micas e Ingeniería, Universidad Autón
noma del Esttado de M
Morelos, Av. Universidad 1001, 62210
0 Cuernavacaa, Morelos, Mexico. bCen
ntro de Investigación een Ingeniería y Ciencias Ap
plicadas, Univversidad Autó
ónoma del Estado de M
Morelos, Av. Un
niversidad 100
01, 62210 Cueernavaca, Morrelos, Mexico. cFacultad de Ciencias Químicas e Inggeniería, Univversidad Autónoma del Esttado de Moreelos, Av. Univversidad 10
author 001, 62210
0 Cuernavvaca, Moreelos, Mexico. *Corresponding m
[email protected] A
ABSTRACT he lack of eelectricity infrastructuree in the ruraal areas of o
our countryy is one Th
off the main cconstraints for the devvelopment aand utilizatio
on of resou
urces in aggriculture. Although the Mexiccan Govern
nment hass established an aggricultural p
policy aimed
d at produceers in farming fields to reduce povverty in th
he rural areeas without electricity, it has not been possiible to impllement acction prograams that im
mprove the q
quality of liffe in such rural commu
unities. In
n addition tto this, thee lack of w
water supply, water viital for sustaining human, plant and animaal life, significantly limits the deveelopment off these co
ommunitiess living in paartial or totaal marginalizzation. herefore, th
his paper deescribes the design metthodology o
of a solar‐po
owered Th
pumping sysstem, as w
well as the feasibility of sociaal, economic and nvironmenttal use of p
photovoltaicc solar tech
hnology. All this in orrder to en
upply water to meet the basic needs of aa communitty called V
Ventura Beeach, locateed in the ttown of Cop
pala, Guerrrero. Due to
o its geograaphical lo
ocation, it haas high avaiilability of so
olar resourcce througho
out the yearr. Thus, w
with a daily average of 5.5kW‐h/m
m2 in the reggion, the syystem propo
osed is feeasible to usse. Proceedings of the Third Internatiional Symposium
m on Renewable E
Energy and Sustaainability,
Temixco, Moreloos, México, Septeember 9-11, 20155
he proposed design wiill be comprrised by 32 modules PV
V of 300Wp
p each, ad
dding up to
o a total cap
pacity of 9,6
600 Wp or 9.6 kWp. The solar arrray will bee divided in
nto 2 framess; each one will contain
n 16 solar m
modules witth their reespective electrical boxx. The pump
p is the subm
mersible typ
pe, brand Lo
orentz, m
model PS9k C‐SJ17‐11,, which will be installed in thee well, the pump co
ontroller wiill be locateed in a nichee placed as close as po
ossible to th
he well an
nd solar mo
odules. Feelipe Ponce Ojeendiz, Sergio A.. Serna Barquera, Álvaro Torrres Islas, Jesús Mario Colín dee la Cruz, Moisés Montiel G
González (2015)) Design of a pumping system activated by photovoltaic solaar energy or water supply in rural zones. Poster Session
n: Solar Energy; Proceedings off the Third International fo
Renewable Enerrgy and Sustain
nability (Eds. E.. Santoyo, P.J. Sebastian, M. López de Syymposium on R
Haaro), Temixco, M
Morelos, México, September 9
9‐11, 2015.