How do we recognize and respect all of the special needs of the

How do we recognize and respect all of the
special needs of the children in our parishes
and schools? Whether it is curriculum,
environment, or methodology, there are
ways of engaging all children. This
workshop will highlight some tools and tips
for teaching children with special needs,
and you will have an opportunity to work
them into your own lesson plan.
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Earn credits towards catechist certification.
Sponsored by: Diocese of Monterey
Department of Catechetical Ministries
St. Joseph’s Ministry with
People with Disabilities
¿Cómo reconocemos y respetamos todas las
necesidades especiales de los niños en
nuestras parroquias y escuelas? Si se trata
de un plan de estudios, ambiente o
metodología, hay maneras de involucrar a
todos los niños. Este taller destacará
algunas herramientas y sugerencias para
educar a los niños con necesidades
especiales, y tendrá la oportunidad para
ponerlas en práctica con sus propias
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SPEAKER: Kaleena Scargill is a Behavior Modifier Specialist with the Hollister School District. She has worked in the
area of special needs, both in classrooms and home environments, for over 12 years. Kaleena also has a child with
special needs. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and is a Master’s candidate for Special Education.
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