SET-UP Smart Energy Transition to Upgrade regional Performance

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Sharing solutions
for better regional policies
Smart Energy Transition to
Upgrade regional Performance
Federico Sgarbi | European project manager @ BDI
[email protected]
Europe, let’s cooperate! 22 March 2016
What challenge are we facing?
 Improve the energy performance of partner
regions thanks to improved smart grid policies
 Managing growth in electricity consumption
 Optimizing distribution
 Coping with sustainable…
 …and decentralized energy generation
Why will cooperation help?
 Smart grids are a relatively new topic
 Real need to exchange on the role that regions
have in the development of Smart grids
 And on the tools to be developed/employed
 3 levels of mutual learning: individual,
organizational and stakeholders
What will our project do?
 Three sub-themes :
1. Empowering consumers and acceptability
2. Economic models
3. Funding sources
 Creation of Local Energy Transition Supporters
(LETS) stakeholders groups
And interregional Energy Team (ET)
Synergies with other regional strategies and
i.e. Brittany’s SMILE project
Who else is involved?
Energy Agency
Kaunas Regional
Energy Agency
Regen SW
Bretagne Développement Innovation /
Conseil régional de Bretagne
South Transdanubian
Regional Development Agency
AREAL – Regional Energy and
Environment Agency of Algarve
Andalusian Energy Agency / Regional Ministry of
Employment, Enterprise and Commerce
What impact do we expect?
 Policy improvements in the ERDF POR (energy
efficiency/energy transition)
 Implementation of new projects
 Change in the management of the policy
 Increased understanding and practical application
of smart grids
 Better energy management
 New opportunities for local companies working
in the energy sector
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