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BLACK FOREST INDUSTRIES Complete Engine Replacement Mount – 2.5 5 cylinder
Stage 1, 2, & 3
Golf – Jetta V/VI 2005.5-2012, New Beetle 2009-2011, Passat B7 2012+(Not for Audi TTRS)
Parts Included:
1 – Complete Replacement Engine Mount (assembled)
2 – M10x1.5 x35mm Bolts (for frame mount)
2 – M10x1.5 x45mm Bolts (front engine *head* mount)
1 – M10x1.5 x30mm Bolt (rear engine mount)
Tools Needed:
- T25 Torx Socket
- 17mm Socket
- Ratchet
- 13mm Socket
- 16mm Socket
- Torque Wrench
Lift the front of the vehicle and support it on jack stands under the stock jack points. NEVER WORK UNDER A
VEHICLE SUPPORTED ONLY BY A JACK! The BFI 2.5 Compete Replacent Engine Mount will be installed
from the top of the engine bay, however it is necessary to support the car as well as the engine to properly
perform this service as access to the wheel wells will be required.
1. With the car elevated – place a jack under the
engine to support it while the engine mount is
2. Using The T25 Torx Socket loosen and remove
the coolant reservoir bottle. (it is not necessary to
drain the bottle or uncouple the coolant hoses)
3. With the coolant bottle out of the way,
Using the 13mm socket remove the bolts from
the upper frame bracket as well as the fuel line
retainer (some 2.5 vehicles do not use the fuel
line retainer).
4. Using the 16mm socket remove the two bolts
that secure the engine mount to the chassis.
5. Again, using the 16mm socket, remove the
two bolts securing the engine mount to the front
of the engine head.
6. In the passenger side wheel well, locate the
through hole plug in the fender liner. Removing the
Plug will allow access to the rear motor mount bolt.
Using the 16mm socket and an extension remove
the final engine mount bolt. Remove the stock engine
7. Installation is the reverse of removal – use all new
Hardware – all new hardware will use the
M17 socket for installation.
7. Using the torque wrench, torque each of
the 5 bolts (the two frame bolts, and 3 engine
bolts) to 34ft lbs. You are now ready to lower
the engine supporting jack and remove the
jackstands from beneath the car. Enjoy your new
performance engine mount!