RAMON HERNANDEZ – “Generosity and Compassion Live On

RAMON HERNANDEZ – “Generosity and Compassion Live On”
Organ and tissue donor
Ramón Alberto Hernández Solano was a generous,
compassionate and energetic young man who lost his life at the
age of 23 in a tragic motorcycle accident. Ramon became the
angel and hero for three other people through the donation of
his corneas and tissue. The presence of more than 500 people
at his funeral showed the positive impact Ramón had on
hundreds of people during his short life. "Not too long ago I
received a letter from a woman, who was the recipient of my son's ligament for her knee,
thanking me for my son's donation. Her gesture touched my heart and made me happy to know
that Ramón's generosity and compassion live on". This is the touching testimony of Elena
Perez, Ramón’s mother.