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Liphatech is the world’s leading developer
of rodent control technology. With our
comprehensive line of bait stations and baits,
we are ready to solve your toughest
rodent control problems.
• Single-feed anticoagulant, Liphatech exclusive active
ingredient: difethialone
• Low cost per placement
• Quick population knock down for superior control
of rats and mice
• Combined with food-grade grains for maximum
To Quality Liphatech Products
To enhance your IPM program for
your specific situation, call our experienced
and knowledgeable customer service staff
at (888) 331-7900 or visit www.liphatech.com.
• Single-feed anticoagulant, Liphatech exclusive active
ingredient: difethialone
• Superior durability for sensitive/audited accounts
• Maximum block durability for easy bait station cleanup
• Maximum weatherability for the toughest baiting
• Unique preservatives for maximum mold prevention
• Single-feed anticoagulant, Liphatech patented active
ingredient: bromadiolone
• 1 lb. bait holds up well in sewers
• Paffinized pellets resist moisture in Norway
rat burrows
It is important when using loose grain feed or liquid bait that the bait
station be secured to the ground, the floor or a wall to avoid the danger
associated with spillage. Do not remove the bait station lid as hinge
damage may occur. If the bait station is to be used in extremely cold
temperatures, please assemble it at room temperature first.
• Multi-feed anticoagulant, Liphatech patented active
ingredient: chlorophacinone
• Restricted use, tracking powder for areas inaccessible
to non-targets
• Tracking powder effective when rodents fail to eat
other baits
• Pellets for outdoor non-urban baiting
Liphatech, Inc.
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Phone: (414) 351-1476
Fax: (414) 247-8166
Featuring our comprehensive line of
Aegis® high-performance stations and
effective baits, including Generation®.
bait stations
• Opens away from the wall, creating a convenient
surface for recording data
• Horizontal or vertical mounting for versatility
• Holds baits, traps or glue boards
• Gray station for lower internal temperatures or
industrial placement
• Private label stations with barcoding available
Unlocking the lid
• Insert key in lock
• Apply very little pressure
• Turn 180 degrees
• Repeat for second lock (all models, except mouse)
Installing bait rods and trays
• Snap vertical rods laterally into sockets
(rat models)
• Press vertical rods into sockets (RP and
modular models)
• Press bait tray over rods forcing them through
(all models)
Abriendo la tapa
• Insere la llave en la parte movible de la cerradura
• Presione levemente en la llave
• Dé una vuelta de 180 grados
• Repita lo mismo para la segunda cerradura (todos
los modelos, excepto ratón)
Aegis® Mouse
• Straight-through entry/exit design promotes maximum feeding
and rodent control
• Provides double the bait capacity, compared to the competition
• Fast to service; use same key as other Aegis products
Aegis® Rat
• Straight-through entry/exit design promotes
maximum feeding and rodent control
• Clear lid makes bait monitoring easy and efficient
• White cool box station lowers internal temperature
• Insérer la clef dans la serrure
• Appuyer légèrement
• Donner 1 tour de clef de 180°
• Répéter la même opération pour la 2ème
serrure (tous les modèles excepté souris)
• Multi-functional system allows for baiting,
trapping and monitoring to increase
effectiveness and reduce service time
Installation des tiges et des
mangeoires pour appat
• Introduire les tiges verticales latéralement dans
les encoches (modèle poste rat)
• Enfoncer les tiges verticales dans les encoches
(modèle poste RP et modular)
• Enfoncer la mangeoire sur les tiges, pour passer
au travers (tous les modèles)
Installing bait on rods
• Skewer bait blocks on vertical or horizontal rods
• Clip place packs to horizontal rod with “binder”
paper clips
• Ensarte los bloques de cebo en las barras
verticales u horizontales
• Agarre las bolsitas de cebo en las barras
horizontales mediante “binder clips”
Aegis Modular
• Encaje las barras verticales lateralmente
adentro de los zócalos (modelos para ratas)
• Presione las barras verticales adentro de
los zócalos (modelos “RP” y modulares)
• Encaje la bandeja del cebo por encima de
las barras, asi forzando estas barras a pasar
atraves de la bandeja (todos los modelos)
Ouvrir Ie couvercle
Acomodando cebo en las barras
Instalando las barras y las bandejas
step 4›››
Locking the device
• Press firmly on both locks until they “click”
Cerrando el dispositivo
• Presione firmemente en ambas cerraduras
hasta que ellos hacen un “click”
Installation de I’appat sur
les tiges
Verrouillage du dispositif
• Enfiler les blocs sur les tiges verticales
ou horizontales
• Maintenir l’appât sur la tige horizontale
grâce aux butoirs prévus à cet effet
to l e a r n a b o u t a l l o u r p ro d u c t s , c a l l
• Appuyer fermement jusqu'au clic
(888) 331-7900
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