Gedeón Santos Biography Gedeón Santos was born on October 22

Gedeón Santos Biography
Gedeón Santos was born on October 22, 1964, in Santo Domingo, Dominican
Republic. Mr. Santos and his wife Ana Aurelia Báez Suberbí have three children:
José Guillermo, Juan Carlos and Gedeón David. He is the author of: “The
Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) against Poverty and aware of Globalization” and
“Global System in Crisis”, as well as many other books related to Economics,
Politics, and International Business.
Mr. Santos graduated from the “Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo” with a
bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and a Master in Economics and
International Relations. He has been a college professor, a worldwide and local
speaker in multiples events and former teacher of the Diplomatic and Consular
School of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic. As a journalist,
he has been a columnist for several newspapers in which he has published dozens
of research papers and general interest articles as well as a panelist and guest of
many radio and television programs. As a civil servant he held the positions of Vice Minister for economic and
administrative affairs in Foreign Affairs Ministry during the period 1996-2000,
deputy to the “Parlamento Centroamericano (PARLACEN)” from 2004 until 2013,
and currently he is the President of “Instituto Dominicano de las
Telecomunicaciones (INDOTEL)”. As a chairman of the board of Indotel, he is the
chairman of the Permanent Executive Committee (COM/CITEL) for the period of
As a politician he joined the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) at age 15 and has
since occupied half leadership positions until become a member of the Central
Committee and secretary head of Political Training of the Party. He has also been
a member of the Secretariats of international affairs, press and advertising,
manager and then director of the “Vanguardia del Pueblo” newspaper and founder
of the Institute of Political Education Juan Bosch professor. In the past campaign
he served as official spokesman for the candidate, as a team member of the
government program committee and member of the communications strategy