Juan Luis Merega

Juan Luis Mérega is Executive Director of
Fundación del Sur, an Argentine NGO, with broad
participation in social and environmental projects.
Since 1996, Mérega has been involved in the
process of negotiation and implementation of the
UNCCD. He attended as an observer many
UNCCD meetings, either at global, regional and
national levels. He was also Regional Focal Point
for Latin America and the Caribbean of the
International Network of ONGs Combating
Desertification (RIOD-ALC) from 2001 to 2004.
He was member of the CSO Selection Panel, in representation of the Latin America and
Caribbean Region from 2011 to 2013. He wrote and compiled several articles and books on the
topic of desertification and land degradation. He is architect, 57 years old, and married.
As Executive Director of Fundación del Sur, Mérega has been involved in the implementation of
many field activities, both in the Patagonia and Chaco Regions. These activities have been
focused in capacity building (e.g. workshops for the preparation of UNCCD National Reports),
education (e.g. workshops and seminars on sustainable development for High School teachers
and educators), forests protection (e.g. plantation of 2,000 hectares of native species in Santiago
del Estero Province, in collaboration with GADE) and land restoration (e.g. restoration of
“mallines” and fixation of dunes, in collaboration with INTA-Esquel).
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