Hundreds of students, thousands of futures

Hundreds of students, thousands of
futures - which one belongs to you?
This event gathers the top 100 students selected by the companies
and universities participating in the event. Throughout taking part in
BEST Career Day, attendees will have the opportunity to:
listen to the company/university presentations;
have a personal interview with the company/university that
selected you;
get to know the working methods of the company and get
trained during workshops;
reach a better cultural mind-set by interacting with people
from all over Europe.
The event is open to students and alumni of all 96 Technical
universities where BEST is present in. It means that all of them are
eligible to apply and have equal chances to be selected by
companies or universities.
This is the perfect opportunity for students to boost their
international perspective and to make the first steps in an
international career.
Information for applicants
Selection criteria for participants:
Companies and universities will check the CVs of applicants and will
select 100 students who will attend the event.
Only students of technology from Universities with a Local BEST
Group can apply and the application is valid in case of having the CV
more than 70% completed, filling in the profile on
and answering 3 questions. Important notice: no motivation letter
is needed.
Practical arrangements
All of these are covered by the event fee.
Lodging during the event: Accommodation will be provided
at the Hello Hotel Bucharest from the 24th to the 25th of April.
Food during the event: Meals will be provided at the Hotel.
Transportation during the event: Transportation costs
during the event will be covered by the organization.
Necesitarás tener activada una cuenta de usuario en y
cumplimentar tu CV dentro de tu perfil hasta tener un 70% mínimo relleno.
Después, completa las 3 preguntas dentro del apartado de solicitud
en del
evento y procura dar la mejor impresión posible, ya que serán las empresas y
universidades quienes elijan a los 100 estudiantes que formarán parte del
[email protected]
El proceso de inscripción termina el 15 de febrero.