UniFi Video UVC-MICRO Addendum

Installation Addendum
Set Up the UVC Micro
1. Using your mobile device, download
and install the UniFi Video app from
one of the following online stores:
• iTunes App Store for iOS users
• Google Play Store for Android
2. Launch the mobile app and sign in.
3. Tap the menu icon
in the top‑left
corner of your screen to display the
UniFi Video app menu.
4. Select the New Device Setup option.
5. Ensure the UVC Micro is plugged in
and powered on, indicated by a
flashing blue LED.
6. Wait for the UVC Micro to emit a
steady beaconing tone to indicate
that it is ready for setup.
7. Press the Home button on your
mobile device and open Settings.
8. Tap the Wi-Fi option and select
Setup UVC Micro (XXXX) (XXXX
represents the last four characters of
the MAC address of the UVC Micro).
9. Go back to the UniFi Video app and
tap OK once the new camera has
been detected.
10.Enter a name for the UVC Micro and
tap Continue.
11.Select the Wi-Fi network that
your NVR is on and tap Continue
(password may be required).
12.Return to Settings and select the
Wi‑Fi option to verify that your
mobile device is connected to the
same network your NVR is on.
13.The steady beaconing tone will be
replaced by a confirmation tone,
which indicates the UVC Micro has
been set up successfully.
When you relaunch the UniFi Video
mobile app, a notification will appear,
indicating that a new camera has been
The UVC Micro will be listed in the
mobile app alphabetically with other
cameras managed by UniFi Video.
For details on using UniFi Video, refer to
the User Guide at:
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