Public Notice - Texas Gas Service

RGV Incorporated Conservation Adjustment Clause filed March 23, 2016
Texas Gas Service Company, a Division of ONE Gas, Inc. (“Texas Gas” or the
“Company”) hereby gives notice to the public that on or about March 23, 2016, it filed with the
Cities of Alamo, Alton, Brownsville, Combes, Donna, Edcouch, Edinburg, Elsa, Harlingen,
Hidalgo, La Feria, La Joya, La Villa, Laguna Vista, Los Fresnos, Lyford, McAllen, Mercedes,
Mission, Palm Valley, Palmhurst, Palmview, Penitas, Pharr, Port Isabel, Primera, Progreso,
Rancho Viejo, Raymondville, Rio Hondo, San Benito, San Juan, Santa Rosa, and Weslaco,
Texas a Conservation Adjustment Clause tariff to implement a Conservation and Energy
Efficiency Program (“Program”) within the incorporated areas of its Rio Grande Valley Service
Area (“RGVSA”). The Program will offer assistance to residential and commercial customers to
encourage the most efficient use of energy, reduce net energy consumption, and lower energy
The proposed change in rates will become effective with meters read on and after April
27, 2016. The proposed change in rates will affect the approximately 59,971 residential
customers and 3,529 commercial customers in the RGVSA incorporated areas. The Company
seeks to implement the conservation rates for the residential and commercial customer classes
within the RGVSA as shown in the table below.
Customer Class
Proposed Volumetric
Rate per Ccf
The Company’s proposed change in rates will not increase or decrease the Company’s
base rate revenues within the Company’s RGVSA, nor will the proposed change in rates increase
or decrease the annual aggregate revenues of the Company. Accordingly, the proposed change
in rates does not constitute a “major change” in the tariffed rates for the RGVSA as that term is
defined by Tex. Util. Code Ann. § 104.101, and does not represent a “major change” when
considered against the Company’s total aggregate revenues.
Complete copies of this filing are available for inspection at the Company’s business
offices located at 5603 E. Grimes Road, Harlingen, Texas 78550 or on the internet at the
Company’s website Persons with specific questions or desiring
additional information about this filing may contact the Company at 1-800-700-2443.
Nota al cliente:
La compañía Texas Gas Service, por este medio notifica su intención de proponer un aumento en
la tasa para el servicio de gas que le provee. Para obtener una copia de este aviso en español,
favor de llamar al número gratuito 1-800-700-2443 o enviar un mensaje de correo electrónico a
la dirección [email protected]