King Solomon's Mines

Chapter 1:
• Where is Allan Quatermain when the story begins?
Allan Quatermain is on a sea voyage from cape town to Durbain.
• Shy is Sir Henry Curtis in South Africa?
Sir Henry is in South Africa because he wants to look for his younger brother.
• Why was George Curtis in Natal?
George Curt is in Natal because he was looking for king Salomon's diamond mines.
• Why is the journey to King Solomon's mines dangerous?
The journey to king Salomon's mines is dangerous because there are high mountains and a terrible desert to
Chapter 2:
• Who drew the map of the mines and when?
Dom José da Silvestra drew the map in 1590.
• When did Victor Silvestre give Allan Quatermain the old map?
Victor Silvestra gave Allan Quatermain the old map when he died.
Chapter 3:
• Give two of Quatermain's conditions for helping Sir Henry find his brother.
First, you have to pay all the costs of the journey. Second, you must pay me 500, before me start the journey.
• Why did the tall Zulu wear a black band around his head?
The tall Zulu wore a black band around his head because it showed he was an important person to the Zulu.
• Why did Umbopa want to go with them?
Umbopa wanted to go with them because he wanted to return.
• Why does Sir Henry want to take Umbopa?
Sir Henry wanted to take Umbopa because he was a big man.
Chapter 4:
• Why is it possible that Sir Henry's brother is no longer alive?
It is possible that Sir Henry's brother is on longe alive because it's a terrible journey.
• What does Umbopa say about the people who live in the mountains across the desert?
Umbopa says, it's a dangerous country. The people who live there are strong and brave. They have powerful
wizards and witches.
• Why did the men plan to travel at night?
The men planed to travel at night because it was cooler.
• How did the men know the way across the desert?
The men knew the way−across the desert because they had Dom José da Silvestra old map.
Chapter 5:
• How does Ventvogel know that there is water near them?
Ventvogel knows that there are water near them because he can smell it.
• Why did Ventvogel suffer from the cold more than anyone else?
Ventvogel suffered from the cold wore than anyone else he came from a much warmer climate.
• What did Quatermain find at the back of the cave?
Quatermain found at the back of the cave the frozen body a dead man.
• Why does Quatermain think that the body in the cave is Dom José da Silvestra?
Quatermain thinks that the body in the cave is Dom José da Silvestra because they found a bone near the
Chapter 6:
• Why does Quatermain tell his friends to put down their guns when the warriors come into the camp?
Quatermain tells his friends to put down their guns when the warriors come into the camp because the
warriors don't know what a gun is.
• What language did Quatermain speak to the leader of the warriors?
Quatermain spoke to the leader of the warriors in Zulu.
• A young warrior threw a spear. Who was he?
He was Scragga.
• Who was Enkados?
Enkados was the king's brother.
• Why do the Kukuana warriors shout in surprise?
The Kukuanas warriors shout in surprise because Quatermain took a gun and shot and antelope that was
seventeen meters away.
Chapter 7:
• What did Twala and the witch, Gagool, do in the past?
Twala and the witch Gagool killed the king.
• Why did the warriors come out of the village and shout Koom!?
The warriors came out of the village and shout Koom! Because they greeted Enkados.
Chapter 8:
• Where did Solomon's Road end?
Salomon's road ended in the mountains, at the statue called the three witches
• What presents did Quatermain and his friends have for the King and his wives?
They had beads as presents for his wives and one of theirs guns for the king.
• Describe King Twala.
King Twala was very tall and very ugly and he had along one eye. The expressive on his face are very cruel.
• An old woman sat next to the king. Who was she?
She was Gagool.
Chapter 9:
• Who was Ignosi?
Ignosi was the Enkados brother.
• Why did Umbopa have a snake tattooed around his waist?
Umbopa had a snake tattooed around his waist because that sing shouted that he was the oldest son of the king
of the Kukuanas.
• Why does Sir Henry think that Umbopa will be a good king?
Sir Henry thinks that Umbopa will be a good king because he was a good servant and a good companion.
Chapter 10:
• Was the King's whole army at the Great Dance?
The king's whole army weren't at the great dance.
• How did the ten witches choose a man to die?
The ten witches ran into the crowds people and smelled the man.
Chapter 11:
• How did Captain Good plan to use the eclipse of the sun?
Captain Good planed to use the eclipse of the sun as a sign of power.
• At the Dance of Girls, what happened to Foulata?
Foulata scaped them death.
• What happened when the eclipse of the sun started?
They shouted in fear and ran into their huts.
Chapter 12:
• Where did Enkados take Quatermain and his friends when they left Loos?
Enkados took Quatermain and his friends to a small hill several kilometres away.
• Why does Sir Henry dress like a Kukuana warrior?
Sir Henry dresses like a Kukuana warrior because he thinks he must dress like a Kukuana for the fight.
• How did King Twala die?
Sir Henry fought with king Twala and cut off Twala's heat with his battle−axe.
• What did Quatermain tie around Umbopa's head?
Quatermain tied the band with the diamond around Umbopa's head.
Chapter 13:
• Where did the Kukuanas take the body of King Twala why?
The Kukuanas took the body of king Twala to the statue called the three witches, because they buried their
dead kings there.
• What did Gagool do when she saw the dead kings?
Gagool stooped to speak to one of the dead kings as if he was and old friend.
Chapter 14:
• How did Gagool open the stone panel to the treasure room?
Gagool opened the stone panel to the treasure room pushing the wall on the side of the cave.
• Why didn't Foulata go into the treasure room?
Foulata didn't go into the treasure room because she was too scared.
• Why didn't Quatermain and his friends see Gagool leave the treasure room?
Quatermain and his friends didn't see Gagool leave the treasure room because the heavy stone panel came
down and crushed her body.
• Describe briefly how Quatermain and his friends found their way out of the cave after they entered
the tunnel.
They entered the tunnel. They walked along it. They heard some water and found a river. They walked along
the river very slowly for hours. Until they saw a light and went out from the tunnel.
Chapter 15:
• Why didn't Quatermain and his friends go back to the treasure room?
Quatermain and his friends didn't go back to the treasure room because they didn't find the way to open the
stone panel.
• Where did Sir Henry find his brother?
Sir Henry found his brother in a hut in a oasis.
• What did Quatermain and Captain Good decided to do with the treasure?
Quatermain and captain Good decided to give a third of the treasure to George.