Living Wage Ordinance Three Language Statement

Living Wage Ordinance Three Language Statement
In accordance with Section 26-102 (f) of the Living Wage Ordinance, employers must publish
three language statements on living wage rate notifications to employees. The employer shall
provide the following statement to each covered employee with the employee's first paycheck
and every six (6) months thereafter:
You are required by Broward County ordinance to be paid at least $
an hour with $
hour in health benefits or $
an hour without benefits. If you are not paid this hourly rate,
contact your supervisor or a lawyer”.
“Usted debe recibir según lo establece el Estatuto u Ordenanza del Condado de Broward, por lo
menos $
más $
por hora de beneficios de salud o $
por hora sin beneficios
de salud. En caso que usted no este recibiendo un salario por hora según lo indicado antes,
debe ponerse en contacto con su supervisor o consultar con un abogado.”
“Ou sipoze touché dapre Iwa Broward County yon apwentman omwen $
dola pa e ak
dola pa e pou benefice sante yo oswen $
dola san benefice. Si ou pa touché
apwentman sila pa e, kontakte sipevize ou oubyen avoka ou.”