many or much

1. We’ve got ______________ oranges. I can give you ______________ .
2. There are ______________ bananas and ____________ fruit juice in the fridge
but we don't have _______________ bananas, and we don't
have ______________ fruit juice.
3. Do you have any cereal? Sure, there's _____________ in the kitchen."
4. How _______________ is this? It's ten dollars.
5. Jane eats _______________ apple every day.
6. How _______________ do you want? Six, please.
7. He's very busy; he ‘s got ____________ work.
8. David and Tyler both have __________ rice. David has ______________ rice,
but Tyler doesn't have ______________ .
9. Milton Keynes is an ugly city. It hasn’t got ______________ beautiful buildings.
10.They have a very healthy diet. They eat _______________ vegetables.
11.I wrote _______________ poem.
12.I haven’t got _______________ money but I’ve got enough.
13.I didn’t visit _______________ European cities; only Paris and Rome.
14.Do you like soccer? Yes, _______________ .
15.Were there _______________ guests at the wedding? Yes, there
were _______________ .
16.Leila is more popular than Nancy. Stacey is very unpopular. Leila's
got ______________ friends. Nancy doesn’t have ______________ friends.
Stacey doesn’t have _____________.
17.She sometimes gets angry. She hasn't got ______________ patience.