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Alfonso Schroeder Castagno
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
[email protected]
## "Strive to be of value, not to be successful"
20 years of accumulated experience:
- 12 years in business development, sales,, and revenue for sectors such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Finance,
investments and packaging.
- 8 years as a project management and consulting leader in sectors such as Education, Finance, Gaming, and
+ 5 years as a startup mentor
+ 5 years as a strategic advisor to 3 companies
As a director of business development, head of revenue, or head of sales, I live by this motto.
Top Performer in 4 companies, in 3 different markets starting from 0 sales.
I am the 6th of 9 siblings and as an active rugby player, I learned that the ##TEAM## is the most important thing.
I am a constant seeker of learning . Tech Savvyness. YES, I am very constant in learning technological tools!
Every week I try at least 1 tool with Artificial Intelligence and validate if it makes sense for my professional or
personal universe!
Languages: (in that order)
I have 18 years of experience, the last 12 with a global vision developing new businesses, leading revenue
(building, leading, and coordinating teams and projects) from scratch in 4 different companies and 3 different
sectors (Financial, Energy, Oil & Gas, Biometrics, Wealthtech, Insurtech, edtech) above all with SaaS Service
Achievements of my last experiences:
- 0 to 10M in 36 months
- Implement and lead 3 international offices creating a new team.
- Lead and build 3 teams from scratch
- In 1 project directly impact the lives of 100,000.
Energetic and with an innovative profile, I always look at the teams I belong to and how to do things better or more
Seeking first to empathize and understand the client by providing creative solutions, whether in human, technical,
financial, or logistical terms.
Empathy | Active listening | Adaptability | Flexibility | Team management |
Sales Operations | Data Analysis | Analytics | Forecasting | Operations Management | Sales Processes | Analytical
Skills | Sales Management | Business Analysis | Business Intelligence (BI) | Cross-functional Team Leadership
| Finance Analysis | Lead Generation | New Business Development | Business planning | Product Development
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| Key Account Management | Product Management | Direct Sales | MarketResearch | Sales and Marketing |
Recruiting | Digital Marketing | customer satisfaction
Head of Growth
Jan 2023 - Present (8 months)
Main points to highlight:
Lead the Go to Market strategy in strategic aspects, product, sales and marketing to achieve the
monthly target of new customers and insurance sold.
Create from 0 and improve Onboarding with new clients, managing to drop a new process practically in
Achieve 7 clients with > 5M billing in the first 2 months of having the product ready to go on the market.
Improve the 10% Conversion of new customers and lower the CAC by 20%.
Main verticals of operations
- Hospitality / Hotels
- Edtech - Digital Education
- Sports bike shops (bikes)
- Travel - Tourism
Revolutionizes and mitigates one of the main problems of E-commerce and retail in Spain and Europe
Head of Sales Latin America & Miami
Jan 2022 - Jan 2023 (1 year 1 month)
Main responsibilities:
Coordinate the revenue, sales and post-sale team for LATAM and Miami.
Developed strategies that increased quarterly revenue by 25%. Total of +200% at the end of the 12
I established relationships with key executives (C-level) and improved customer retention: 100%
I implemented a consultative sales approach, increasing conversions by 25% with automation tools.
3 countries open with new customers. (Mexico, Peru, Chile)
2 new partners (Mexico and Chile)
Top opening of new countries 2022 and sales 2022.
Performance of operations in the Sales funnel:
from 0 to 20 new weekly meetings. Develop and implement it for the whole team.
30% increase in qualified leads through effective campaigns.
Sales cycle reduction by 20% and sales closing increase by 12%.
Direct report to the Chief Sales Officer.
Senior Business Development Manager
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Jan 2022 - Jan 2023 (1 year 1 month)
+ 300% in contract extension. From 12 months to 60 months, with an average of 30 months
+ 300% on Average MRR (ARR). From 10k MRR to 60KMRR, with an average of 30kMRR
Lead and report directly to the CEO, promoting Tier1 and Tier 2 clients, such as banks such as
Santander, BBVA, Deutsche bank, private banks, Family Office, EAF, EAFIs, independent advisors
throughout Spain and Andorra.
I successfully implemented the SPIN Selling / MEDDIC methodologies to guide our sales process +20%
more effectiveness.
Added over 1000 potential clients to our prospect list and connected with 500 additional clients,
generating 20+ client meetings per week.
Closed 300 successful meetings, from the first presentation to closing and legal negotiations.
Achievements in Spain:
Achieved a 500% growth in ARR of contracts, raising them from 10k to 50k ARR (TIER 3 to TIER 2 and
I extended the average duration of the contracts by 200%, going from 1.5 to 3 years.
Significantly improved the use of Pipedrive CRM, maximizing its application in different markets,
impacting improvement 25% of the time.
We provide a SaaS solution for the Private Banks market (Private Banking), Family Offices, Multi Family
Offices, Wealth Managers, EAF, SGIIC, Wealth Managements, etc.
Business Development Executive
May 2018 - Jan 2023 (4 years 9 months)
## from 0 to 2M Direct sales in 24 months. With reduction of plastics and improving quality.
Directly responsible for TIER 1 clients in Argentina reporting directly to the CEO of the vertical.
Outstanding Achievements:
Lead and managed a highly effective sales team, achieving an impressive 380% increase in sales to
TIER 1 clients in just 12 months.
I drove growth in the acquisition of 2 new clients, expanding our reach in the market and generating
sales of +2M million dollars in 2022.
I contributed to the recognition of the company as an undisputed leader in the packaging industry in
Argentina, consolidating our position in the market.
It is the leader in quality and volume in the primary and secondary packaging industry for the beverage
Heat Shrink / Stretch / Pet are some of the main products.
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Sales Manager
Sep 2021 - Feb 2022 (6 months)
Sector: Cybersecurity / Identity verification with Biometrics.
## Veridas is TOP 3 in NIST ( in Voice and Facial Biometrics.
I belonged to the business development team for Latin America and Europe. Coordinating the team and
the strategy to expand clients in different countries.
Lead improvements to Zoho CRM to improve sales team operations across the company.
Improve and coordinate the alignment between the commercial and marketing team so that the efforts
have a direct impact on the company's objective.
Capture of +30 new potential clients in the region.
Improved automation of inbound leads to increase team productivity.
Senior Project Representative
Aug 2020 - Sep 2021 (1 year 2 months)
Responsible for connecting with new Tier1 customers, leading the relationship in a 360 way. Coordinate
the sales process with all the specialist team globally.
These sales processes are normally at least 6 months.
My focus is TIER1 clients from the Energy and Oil & Gas sector.
The proposal is to understand the potential improvements of operating processes, improvement of
energy efficiency and reduction of operating costs through the application of technology and custom
Application of Data Analytics, artificial intelligence and custom software.
Meetings with C-Level and directors of 5 Tier 1 Clients.
Performance with clients:
Energy efficiency improvement solution by 10-20%
Operational efficiency improvement solution by 7-10%
Types of clients
Solar Energy - Generation Plants
Wind Energy - Generation Plants
Hydraulic Energy - Generation Plants
Thermoelectric Energy - Generation Plants
Market: LATAM & US
Sales Executive SaaS. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.
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Mar 2017 - Mar 2021 (4 years 1 month)
Founder and Chief Revenue Officer
Market: Energy and Oil in Latin America.
## Sales from 0 to 2M direct + 5M indirect for representatives of Germany and USA
Research of the Latin American Energy and Oil market
Creation and execution of the Revenue and sales strategy
Web creation, CRM implementation and Go to Market
Participation of the sales strategy
Development of KPIs for the commercial and post-sale team.
Development of marketing and communication as a presentation in global exhibitions.
Business Development Specialist
Percepto - Autonomous Drones
Sep 2018 - Aug 2020 (2 years)
Vertical: Energy and Oil & Gas Plants
## Objective of applying Drone with Artificial Intelligence: reduce operating costs by up to 20%.
Percepto is TOP 1 in Drone in a BOX solutions for the Energy and Oil sector.
Drone solution with artificial intelligence to optimize processes in Solar, Hydraulic, Thermal and Wind
Power plants.
Lead the initial stage for Latin America, achieving brand presence in 3 countries, Argentina, Chile and
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
Apr 2017 - Aug 2020 (3 years 5 months)
Revenue & Operations Director:
Principal functions:
Create the team and market from scratch
Interviews and selection of each member of the commercial, marketing, logistics and operations team.
Create and establish the strategy for each market and its specific regulations.
Create and set up the Revenue system (KPI, trips, meetings, sales, margins, etc)
Coaching, training and onboarding of the team.
Achievements in numbers:
Visit more than 350 generation plants from all over Latam. Direct contact with each Plant Manager,
Purchasing Manager and Director of TIER 1 companies in the Energy and Oil sector of Latin America.
Sales and operations from 0 to 2M directly and 4M through generating sales to our representatives in
Germany and the USA.
100 Leads generated in the first year, with 1 M USD in sales. (team of 3 people)
+5 Exhibitions including POWERGEN in the USA.
+ 30 new clients + 7 countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Panama and Ecuador)
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Management of the entire REVENUE cycle (operations, sales, Marketing and communication).
Prospecting, cold calls, visits, Negotiation and sale.
Management of project operations in the field, rotor changes in Wind farms, LM2500 and LM6000
turbine maintenance service as services in hydroelectric plants.
Country Manager
Sep 2014 - Apr 2017 (2 years 8 months)
Genersol is a provider of services and projects in the market for Power Generation, Sugar Mills, Oil
Companies, etc.
## Revenue Director for Latin America Market
Market at the beginning of my management: USD 0 in sales, without customers.
Market at the end of my management 4 years later:
20M USD in sales
8 developed countries with active clients (America)
3 open offices (operate and lead each project)
9 people in the commercial and operations team (4 Account Executive, 2 Customer Success Manager,
1Marketing, 2 International Logistics)
+20% additional Revenue each year, creating new services with existing clients.
Generated 500 leads culminating in $20 million USD in new sales.
Leader of the Partners channel with manufacturers from Germany, UK, China and USA.
I have been a strategic member leading the revenue, commercial and marketing strategy in Latin
Directly responsible for REVENUE and operations // Country Manager / Sales Executive
Responsible for recruiting, leading and guiding the work team in Argentina, Panama and Chile.
Investigation of each market, with its drivers, Decision makers and actors.
Implement and lead the CRM for the entire commercial and operations team in LATAM. (Pipedrive +
Negotiated and closed contracts with key and strategic Partners from Germany, UK and USA. This
increased the aggregation of services.
Sales with TIER 1 Clients of each Country (YPF, ENEL, Petroecuador, AES, Colbun, etc.)
Direct management of Revenue and optimization of maintenance service projects in Power Generation
Leadership and team management skills
International contract negotiation skills.
## Values as Leader:
- Empathy - Always love yourself no matter who you deal with
- Data-Driven - Let's use the tools that allow us to improve processes based on data
- Team - Always be in communication whether it is good or bad
- Results - The result is the indicator that we are on the right track.
Regional Sales Operations Manager
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Nov 2012 - Sep 2014 (1 year 11 months)
Directly responsible for creating and developing the Latin American market from scratch.
Principal functions:
Study of the energy market and energy generation in Latin America
Market study of Energy Regulation in each country. (Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Peru,
Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil)
Create a market development strategy for each country
Create the Partnership strategy with different suppliers from Germany, UK, USA, China, India and
Sell from scratch.
Create the sales team and the post-sale team.
Coordinate the international logistics team.
from 0 to 1.8M Direct sales + 3.4 M indirect sales (sale through representatives)
Team of 0 to 6 people (2 Sales / 2 Operations + post sales / 1 Logistics / 1 Markerting, communication
and Administration)
+5 Countries with sales (Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama)
Implementation of the first CRM in the company
Revenue Officer
Jun 2011 - Nov 2012 (1 year 6 months)
Revenue and Operations Manager:
Direct team in charge of 3-6 people
Indirect manager of 15-20 people
# 25% Improvement of the impact of payment processors. (cost reduction and improvement in
# 15% Revenue improvement coordinating PSP with Marketing and sales.
# 20% reduction in personnel costs due to the automation of internal processes.
Revenue Officer & Projects
Los Pinos
Apr 2010 - Jun 2011 (1 year 3 months)
Revenue and Operations Manager:
Direct team in charge of 3-6 people
Indirect manager of 15-20 people
# 25% Improvement of the impact of payment processors. (cost reduction and improvement in
# 15% Revenue improvement coordinating PSP with Marketing and sales.
# 20% reduction in personnel costs due to the automation of internal processes.
Finance Associate
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Jan 2006 - Apr 2010 (4 years 4 months)
Responsible for internal processes of national and international banking.
Improving execution times and customer experience.
Technical / Financial projects for International Banking.
Validation and execution of internal process improvement and account management.
Stake :
AVANZA Project - Commercial Bank (Scotiabank) - ERP system change
Credit Agricole-BBVA Fusion Project - System change/management/integration of systems
Investment Project in Surinvest - Investigation and risk analysis
IESE Business School
Liderazgo y gestión de equipos, Organizational Leadership
Jan 2020 - Nov 2020
IAE Business School
Master of Business Administration - MBA, Business Administration, Management and
2017 - 2018
Harvard Business School
GLOBAL IMMERSION PROGRAM, Business and Personal/Financial Services
Marketing Operations
2018 - 2018
University of Virginia Darden School of Business
Project Planning & Management, Information Technology Project Management
2020 - 2021
Global Innovation Exchange (GIX)
GLOBAL IMMERSION PROGRAM - ISRAEL - Start up Nation, Entrepreneurial and
Small Business Operations
2018 - 2018
International MBA exchange.
We got to know the entire entrepreneurial system of ISRAEL.
VC, Incubators, Start ups, Etc.
Universidad Católica del Uruguay 'Dámaso Antonio Larranaga'
Contador Publico, Business/Managerial Economics
2008 - 2012
Contador Publico
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Universidad de Montevideo
Bachiller - Ingeniería, Matematicas - Fisica
2007 - 2008
2 años de bachillerato
Colegio Salesiano San José
Bachiller, Ventas generales, promoción comercial y actividades de marketing afines
2002 - 2006
Colegio -
Profesorado de Guitarra
Prof. Guitarra Clasica, Instrumentos de cuerda
2000 - 2006
IESE Business School
Licenses & Certifications
Digital Business - Digital House
Issued Jul 2020 - Expires Aug 2025
Mindfulness: Cómo conseguir una atención plena - LinkedIn
Agilidad estratégica - LinkedIn
Liderazgo con inteligencia emocional - LinkedIn
Liderazgo creativo - LinkedIn
Pensamiento estratégico - LinkedIn
Fundamentos de Design Thinking - LinkedIn
Power BI esencial (2018) - LinkedIn
Power BI para principiantes: Análisis de datos - LinkedIn
Power BI: Visualizaciones e informes - LinkedIn
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Power BI avanzado - LinkedIn
Fundamentos de big data - LinkedIn
Liderazgo de equipos y personas - IESE Business School
Cuarta revolución industrial: Inteligencia artificial y machine learning - LinkedIn
Fundamentos de big data: Técnicas y conceptos - LinkedIn
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Positive Psychology - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Aprende big data: Visualización de datos - LinkedIn
Aprende data science: Cuenta historias con los datos - LinkedIn
Excel Business Intelligence 1: Obtener y Transformar (Power Query) (365/2019) LinkedIn
Data analyst: Técnicas y herramientas de informes esencial - LinkedIn
R para big data esencial - LinkedIn
Data analyst: Técnicas y herramientas de informes avanzado - LinkedIn
Key Account Management - LinkedIn
Python para data science y big data esencial - LinkedIn
Power BI esencial - LinkedIn
Becoming Head of Sales: Developing Your Playbook - LinkedIn
Google Ads avanzado - LinkedIn
Alfonso Schroeder Castagno - page 10
Aprende PowerPoint (Office 365/Microsoft 365) - LinkedIn
Google Ads esencial (antes Google AdWords) - LinkedIn
Excel Expert: Prep. Cert. MOS para Excel 2019 y Microsoft 365 (MO-201) LinkedIn
Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Predictive Modeling Strategy at Scale LinkedIn
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Lean Technology Strategy: Running Agile at Scale - LinkedIn
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Improving Your Leadership Communications - LinkedIn
Develop a High-Performance Mindset - LinkedIn
The Hidden Habits of Genius: Unlocking Greatness (Book Bite) - LinkedIn
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Oil Pipeline Management • Critical Thinking • Sales Cycle Management • Skill Development • Sales
Pipeline Management • Relationship Building • Revenue Management • B2C e-commerce • Analytical
Skills • Wind Energy
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