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s420mc steel

EN 10149-2 Grade S460MC
What is en 10149-2 s420mc steel plate ?
The EN 10149-2 S420MC steel is an automobile structural steel grade. An EN 10149-2
S420MC Steel Plate has a chemical composition of carbon, manganese, silicon,
phosphorous, sulfur, aluminum, niobium, vanadium, and titanium. The Steel S420mc
Plate has superior strength and good corrosion resistance properties. These plates are
fine grain steel having excellent dimensional accuracy.
The S420mc Steel Plate has good formability and enhanced resistance to wear and
tear. The plates are lighter and have enhanced brittle fracture strength. The S420mc
Material has a minimum yield strength of 420mpa with a tensile strength between 480 to
620mpa. They can be elongated by 19% in the system. A Din 1.0980 High Tensile Steel
Plate are used in automotive components, agricultural machinery, truck, tow hooks,
lifting and excavating material.
S420MC material equivalent, mechanical properties, 1.0980 steel
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s420mc vs s355j2
S420mc vs s355j2
The S420mc and S355j2 are structural steel grades. An S420 Mc Plate is designed with
a tensile strength between 480 to 620mpa. They have a nominal yield strength of
420mpa. The S355j2 plate is designed with a tensile strength between 470 to 630mpa.
They have a nominal yield strength of 355mpa.
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What is steel s420mc plate condition of delivery ?
The S420mc plate shall apply for delivery conditions in normalized rolling. An S420mc
En 10149-2 Plate can also be supplied with thermomechanically rolled conditions.
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Why s420mc material not suitable for hot-forming?
Hot formed steel processing takes place as metal is heated above its recrystallization
limit. The Hot Rolled EN 10149-2 S420MC steel plate can be efficiently hot rolled in
desired shapes. The cooling after the processing of the material results in users losing
control of its shape.
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Why is preheating is not necessary under normal welding
conditions of s420 mc plate ?
The S420mc plate has excellent welding capacity. This allows the En 10149-2 S420mc
Plate to reduce any shrinkage in the weld-affected zone. Further, the cooling rate of the
material is also slow, allowing it to be welded without preheating.
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Three significant mistakes suppliers make when supplying
Suppliers face a range of problems in supplying an the S460MC Plate. The vendors find
it difficult to deliver the same EN 10149-2 Grade S460MC Plate that leaves their
warehouse. Meeting the requirements of the consumer is another major issue, and
finally, the ability to deliver products on a stipulated timeline.
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