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Level 1
Vocabulary and Grammar
Mark: .
(50 points)
Choose the correct answer to show you understand the words in italics. (4 points)
1. Go to the information desk if you’ve got tickets / money / questions / books.
2. Have you got change for 100 euros / this item / the train / that shopping centre?
3. We saw several historical highlights, including a beach / a modern building / an old castle / a character.
4. He was found guilty of smiling / murder / volunteering / sport.
5. Rings / Pillows / Towels / Shoes are often made of leather.
6. This top will go well with your skirt / shirt / underwear / dress.
7. She screamed when she saw the flower / crocodile / star / notebook.
8. The luggage allowance for this flight is 20 kilograms / metres / hours / euros.
The words in bold are in the wrong sentences. Write them next to the correct sentences. (4 points)
1. In the past, passengers were used to kill enemies.
2. The police brought in forensic seats to examine the evidence.
3. Today, most people use high heels to pay for things.
4. Have they got a list of all the pockets that were on the aeroplane?
5. How can you walk in those arrows?
6. Those trousers have got several products.
7. I don’t buy their experts because they break easily.
8. There were no credit cards left, so we had to stand.
Complete the sentences with the words below. There are more words than you need. (3 points)
court • try on • charge • fee • by air • decorate • button • arrival
1. We’re waiting for the
of the president.
2. Explain to the
3. How much did they
you for your phone?
4. We’ll use flowers to
the room.
is missing! I can’t wear this shirt.
5. A
6. Can I
what you saw that night.
this dress, please?
Complete the sentences. (4 points)
that you’d lost your phone?
1. When did you r
2. I need a b
3. K
to carry my things on the trek.
! I don’t want anyone to hear us.
4. When you pay, don’t forget to take the r
5. These dresses are o
. I think I’ll buy one.
6. The parents weren’t able to c
7. Pay at the c
8. Please don’t a
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their child.
that dog – it’s dangerous.
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TERM TEST 3: Level 1
Complete the text with the words below. There are more words than you need. (5 points)
put together • escape • respected • achieve • developed • hanging out • fancy
attract • fighting • avoiding • cash • advertisements • take a break • afford
Many shoppers prefer shopping online and are 1.
a result. Because of this, shopping centres are
to use
shopping centres as
and also free entertainment to
hard to survive. They have
customers. If
people come to a shopping centre to see a band’s free performance, hopefully, they will also
. That’s the idea! Once, however,
go into the shops and buy things they 5.
the idea of simply
with friends in a shopping centre was new and exciting
in itself. Shopping centres actually played an important role in feminist history. In Victorian
England, middle-class women weren’t 7.
unless they stayed at home, away
from the crowded markets and city streets. When they went out, male relatives went with them.
But when the first department stores and shopping centres were 8.
, a new
era of freedom for women was introduced. These created a ‘safe’ public space for
middle-class women and they could finally 9.
‘protection’ of men. Women who could
their homes without the
to spend their time and their
money shopping did that, and a new consumer culture was born.
Join the sentences using defining or non-defining relative clauses. (3 points)
1. It’s a type of leather. It’s made from plants instead of animals.
2. We stayed at the Plaza. It’s in New York.
3. I often think about the weekend. We took a break in Paris.
4. He’s a lawyer. He defends criminals.
5. The man is at the vet. His dog was attacked.
6. The blue tent is in the garage. I used it to go camping.
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TERM TEST 3: Level 1
Rewrite the sentences in reported speech. (5 points)
1. “The police captured the murderer last night.”
The journalist said
2. “Why did you buy that leather jacket?”
Charlie asked
3. “Don’t start the exam yet.”
The teacher told us
4. “Let’s look for an outfit here.”
My mum suggested
5. “There won’t be time to see all these monuments.”
The guide said
6. “It takes ten hours to drive to New York.”
Joyce said
7. “Do you want to see the ruins tomorrow?”
Carl asked
8. “Would you like me to bring you a smaller size?”
The salesperson offered
9. “Can you help me with my art project next weekend?”
Jo asked
10. “We must finish preparing the case by tomorrow.”
The lawyer said
Complete the sentences with one or two words in each space. (5 points)
1. I don’t feel like
2. Mr Bright,
to the cinema this evening.
house was broken into, is speaking on the news.
3. My friend suggested
4. My brother can’t afford
5. Gary asked
I read this book.
a car.
I had ever worn those jeans.
6. The students sometimes forget
7. I can remember the days
their homework.
we wore brightly coloured outfits.
8. My father said that his company
developing a new robot then.
9. Have you still got the flip flops
you wore to my beach party?
10. The police officer ordered the people
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approach the crime scene.
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TERM TEST 3: Level 1
Rewrite the sentences with the words in brackets. Do not change the meaning of the original sentence. (8 points)
1. “I’m going shopping tomorrow morning,” she said. (the next morning)
2. Are you sorry you chose this topic for your project? (regret)
3. “You mustn’t give them a refund,” he told me. (to)
4. My father said he’d help us. (agreed)
5. The winner of the race is my brother. (who)
6. “Have you chosen an outfit?” my friend asked. (whether)
7. I’d like to take an art course. (interested in)
8. The event happened in the year 1836. (when)
Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets or relative pronouns. (9 points)
In January 2018, after 1.
(enter) the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto,
California, thieves stole handbags worth $100,000. The handbags were probably then sold
online. Criminals get cash easily by 2.
Another way 3.
(sell) stolen products this way.
criminals make money is selling copies of designer labels.
As soon as a designer product becomes popular, thousands of copies are made. Many
shoppers want 4.
(buy) them because they’re cheaper than the originals.
In Strangeways, Manchester, there are hundreds of shops 5.
you can buy
copies of anything from designer high heels to leather jackets. Police often go there to find
these products and arrest the people 6.
work there.
One shopper told a policeman that buying copies 7.
However, according to journalist Dana Thomas,
(not harm) anybody.
a ‘victimless crime’. She said that on a trip to China, she
(produce) copies is not
(see) children
younger than ten making copies of designer clothing in factories.
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