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good morning
teacher and students I am going to tell you my summary of the drawing A PAIR OF GHOSTLY
(two thousand eight)
Aunt Emily had seen a ghost, because she lived in a house with a ghost for several years. The
ghost was not bad, even Aunt Emily was sorry to lose her. Her sisters' daughters asked her
She lived in Cornwall, in Tresillack on the south coast, this was the name of the house that
stood alone in the valley, many people had rented that house before Aunt Emily, all were
She told Farmer Hosking that she was single and came from a good family. He was nice, but at
first he wasn't very friendly, then when Aunt Emily heard about the trouble he had had with
the people who rented the house, she understood why. He said "Well ma'am, you are
welcome to look at the house, the housekeeper will show you around, I will walk with you now
and show you where the house is". He said "If you lease the house you have to take Mrs.
Carkeek too".
She asked who Mrs. Carkeek was and if she was the housekeeper. Hosking replied that she was
and that she was the wife of one of his workers on the big one, but the man died some time
ago. He then told her that he had a housekeeper because things happened, but that Mrs. Mary
was a good woman and knew the place. His first job was in the house almost 20 years ago,
when Mr. Kendall owned it, before she sold the house to him. Aunt Emily was not happy with
the idea of having a housekeeper. Aunt Emily and Hosking started walking through the valley
and suddenly she asked him if there were any ghosts in the house and he said no, he had never
heard of any ghosts. He told her that there were indeed problems with the servants, but that
Mary lived alone and looked very happy. They walked on, stopped again and Hosking said
"Look, this doesn't look like a place with ghosts". It was a beautiful little house that she had
never seen before, it had white walls and there were plants and roses planted all around, Aunt
Emily began to feel much happier. And when Mrs. Carkeek opened the door she felt even
happier, Mary was a healthy middle-aged woman with a pleasant face.
The furniture was antique, but the rooms were clean and bright. Love was the only way to
describe the house, she felt at home immediately. Hosking agreed to lease the house to her
and within a week Aunt Emily had moved into her new home. The first month was really
happy, she was healthy and strong, and it was fun to go outside in the summer because of the
wonderful weather. She spent a lot of time working in the garden and usually ended her day
with a walk to the beach. She soon realized that Mrs. Carkeet did all the chores around the
house, didn't talk much and often didn't seem to hear what she was saying. Her eyes had a
look in them that she was listening to something, but Aunt Emily didn't know what Mrs.
Carkeek was listening to. Carkeek never forgot a job around the house and seemed to know
what Aunt Emily wanted before she said it. Emily often got up early and always saw Carkeek
cleaning and tidying up.
One day Aunt Emily came downstairs at 4 o'clock in the morning (the house was clean and
tidy) and went into the kitchen looking for Mrs. Carkeek, but could not find her. Then she went
upstairs and knocked on her door, there was no answer, so she knocked again and a sleepy
voice called out and Mrs Carkeek appeared in her pajamas and frightened. Aunt Emily said "It's
all right" "He's not a burglar, but now I know you do housework at night while I'm asleep".
Carkeek had a scared look on his face "Oh ma'am" and cried "I thought I saw something". Emily
said "Yes I did, but it wasn't a burglar or a ghost, now go and get some sleep".A few days later
she understood.
In conclusion, the house is haunted, it is like a horror story that the aunt tells her about her
sabrinas as a topic of conversation and the truth is that anyone would get chills hearing
something from someone close to her.
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