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DnD Character Custom Background - Erya and the Star - By Ginnie Alchemist uwu

Name: Erya
Surname: Astora
Etymology: Erya derives from eros (Greek for love) and aria (Greek for
soul). Astora derives from aster (Roman for star)
Class: Druid, Circle of Stars
Race: Aasimar Protector, pretend to be Human
Background: Sage Astronomer
Height: 1,83 m
Weight: 65 kg
Body complexity: Slender, slightly dark-skinned, good booty ^^
Hair: a deep and dark black, unruly yet forming patterns, such as spirals,
with the curls.
Eyes: amber brown, cheerful and sharp. When transformed, the sclera
starts to glow in a mixture of changing random colors.
Wings: when transforming, two roses of different and changing colors
bloom from their back and give rise to stems that branch and grow in a
curved fashion. Leaves, and flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes start
blooming from the stems. The growth continues till two asymmetrical
wings, 2m wide, are formed.
Languages: Common, Celestial, Sylvan and Dwarvish
Personality: brave, with a strong sense of justice, understanding,
sensitive, gentle, quick learner and adapter, empath, with surges of
indignation (can trigger transformation), non-violent, focused, imaginative.
Aasimar society
The Aasimar, half-divine beings, live a somehow secluded life in their
Aasimar-exclusive society on top of Mount Caelum, designed after Mount
Celestia, where the divine beings that blessed the Aasimar abide. From
the outside, they are known as diplomats and peacekeepers, a role model
society that keeps peace, justice and serenity in and outside of their
borders. It is common for some races to worship them and follow their
guidance. By the other races, they are respected, or even feared, for their
word is ultimate, be it for peace, or for war.
Internally, the Aasimars are ruled by a high prieste, which is chosen by
the 14 chancellores, which at the same time are chosen democratically by
the families. One family, one vote. One chancellore, one vote. In case of
draw, the last prieste will break the tie. A prieste cannot be chosen twice.
The high-prieste is in charge of representing the Aasimar community,
meeting with other societies, suggesting and approving laws. All laws
have to be approved by the high-prieste.
Each chancellor has a specific area they are in charge of: diplomacy,
military, social security, rites and culture, research, education…
The Aasimar society has maintained order and peace with this structure
for centuries. There is no clear record of when it started, or what system
existed before…
Mount Caelum
Mount Caelum is located at a very iconic spot of the world map, where
Mount Celestia was rumored to have previously existed…
Mount Caelum consists of a very tall mountain, surrounded by a valley, at
the same time surrounded by more mountains. The valley is used by the
Aasimar for autarchy, and the outer mountain range provides an
inexpugnable defense against most enemies.
From the peak of both Mount Caelum and the other mountains, springs
emerge that bathe the valley with lush streams and rivers, which meet
their end at the feet of Mount Caelum.
The Aasimar are a proud race, maybe too proud, so they never
considered keeping their home location a secret. They prefer to keep
expanding their military might, as a way of “ensuring prosperity”.
--- Ginnie beanie curtain down, pervy pervy schemes happen ---
Gin imagines Mount Caelum to be located on a slightly centric, yet not
central spot. The lands closer to them are those of the people that
worship them, such as humans, the genasi, the kalashtar…
--- You feel mesmerized as the curtain made of iridescent scales is drawn
up ---
Aasimar village
The village is called the acropolis, and it is inspired by the roman empire.
The village’s layout is pyramidal, being on the center and top the temple
where the high-prieste lives. From top to bottom, there are the
residencies of the chancellors and the agora, and then the other families’
The city is made of sandstone and white marble. The agora is a majestic
main plaza, with statues, pillars, small temples, all full of intricate
The families’ houses area is full of fruit trees, gardens, and narrow water
channels and bridges.
Aasimar religion
The Aasimar don’t have a religion. They themselves are divine.
Still, there are many hierarchies within the society, so you could say the
high-prieste, and then the chancellor are closer than the rest to the ideal
Aasimar ancestry
Aasimar are descendants of angels or angelic divine beings. A pure
Aasimar is considered that with radiant white eyes, wings and skin. The
eye and wing color are only revealed once they achieve maturity after the
Rite of Binding.
Any deviation from this standard is considered shameful and it is
discriminated upon, e.g. black-skinned, wings of any other color… These
traits are associated with Fae creatures, which Aasimar society considers
impure and corrupted. The Fae are also rumored to descend from angels.
Aasimars strongly oppose this connection, and try to cut all ties with
them, out of fear. This also implies discriminating their own, when these
show Fae-like traits.
Aasimar gender
Aasimar’s sex organs adapt to one wishes. It is an unconscious
metamorphical capability: they don’t change shape, they change form and
essence, just like their wings. Aasimars thus pay little attention to
someone’s genitals. However, gender still plays a big role in the Aasimar
When an Aasimar is born, a link to their guardian spirit is forged. Usually
a deva, this being will accompany the Aasimar and communicate with
them through dreams in order to guide them. The first big feat of the
guardian is to determine an Aasimar’s gender, where only a binary choice
is possible: man or woman.
Exceptions are very rare, but it is not uncommon that a child’s gender
cannot be determined till the finish their Rite of Binding and become
adults. These children are seeing as slightly annoying, but they are not
strongly discriminated. At least out of their homes…
Rite of Binding
It is the coming-of-age ritual practiced by the Aasimar. The Aasimar
children undertake it on their 14th birthday.
They embark on a journey on their own to the top of Mount Caelum,
where they will find the Spring of Solitude. After drinking a sip of its water
with the use of the ceremonial cup, they will meet the High Prieste in a
small temple, also on the mountain-top. Usually the young Aasimar’s
mentor is also present in the ceremony, but that changed some years
ago, and now they wait just out of the temple. Inside the temple, the
young Aasimar will vow to serve the Aasimar community and be loyal to
them. Once finished, their eyes will begin to glow and their wings will
manifest for the first time.
Finally, they will fly, together with their mentor, who awaits outside the
temple. They will hover above all Mount Caelum, seeing it with a new
perspective, and land on the main plaza, the agora, where a celebration
awaits them.
Erya’s story
Childhood Arc
Erya and Meldes were born and raised in an average Aasimar family, the
Astoras. They are twins and none of their genders could be determined at
that time. They lived a sheltered life, protected by a traditional Aasimar
family, which, believing it would be best for them, decided to determine
their gender themselves, and address them consequently and
The Astora elders determined that Erya would be a boy and Meldes, a
girl. The two children had little contact with non-Astorian Aasimar. It was
only when they went to school that they mingled with other Aasimars and
kids. Being forced to assume a role, they were not comfortable interacting
with others, since they could only interact with a mask that not only did
not represent them, but it strangled them every time they had to put it on.
Both Erya and Meldes were very sweet and empathic kids, yet they
pretended they were ice-cold and effective, for that behavior earned them
respect. Their tears drowned on their pillows, and never saw the light of
dawn, until many years passed.
At school, Erya and Meldes took the usual courses: General History,
Aasimar History, Arcana, Celestial magic, Swordplay and Fencing,
Languages. Erya was always a very quick-learner. They learnt all spells
with ease, as if they were just remembering them rather than learning
them for the first time. Erya excelled in every subject, and they love
botany and other animals. Erya also had a great imagination, but due to
oppression, they stuck to the standars and only kept it for themselves,
and for Meldes.
Similarly, Meldes was adept in spellcasting, a prodigy who could mix
offensive and healing spells. They were great at Swordplay and very
passionate about History.
Meldes and Erya were inseparable. They could be their real selves, or
rather, explore who they really were only when they were together. They
were each other’s pillar and enjoyed playing games and going on
adventures and exploration together.
At first, Erya gathered seeds from their adventures and planted them on
their families’ garden, but slowly they preferred to instead of bringing the
plants to them, finding the time to go visit the plants themselves. Meldes
enjoyed watching their sibling rejoice, and so did Erya, when Meldes
reach out their hand and led them on a new adventure.
Rite of Binding Arc
When they turned 13th, they verbally shared what they had both realized
slowly over the years. They lived an oppressed life, and they did not
deserve it. They started organizing, researching and learning more about
Aasimar whose gender was not able to be determined at birth.
They found very little information, only some historical records that said
their gender was then determined after the Rite of Binding. However,
there were no recent records of that happening. Luckily, they knew there
was another Aasimar child, Estia, part of the Amaran family and one year
older than them, whose gender was also not determined when they were
Reckless, they drew a plan to witness their gender determination. They
scouted, explored, and found a way up Mount Caelum, which was
different from the Pilgrimage route. This route was treacherous, yet the
Astorian twins had been explorers since the very moment they could
walk. So, a day before Estia’s Rite of Binding, they embarked on a
journey through the secret ascension passage. No one suspected
anything about their absence, since it was common for them to disappear
for some days and live in the wilderness. Also, the courses from 12 to 14
were elective and looser, so they could skip classes without much
During the ascension passage, which took them two days and one night,
they camped on a small cave close to a side of the mountain. The sight
was splendorous, you could see the village, with the agora, and even
figure out the shapes of the fruit trees, gardens, and stream channels.
On the cave, after making a bonfire, they saw something glimmer: it was
a ring.
The ring was pitch-black, and it had some carvings on the inside ring. It
emitted a weak gleam. The siblings were thrilled! Almost forgetting their
original plan, they started fantasizing about what the ring could be, where
it came from and who had born it in the past. As the night grew darker,
those fantasies gave way to dreams and they fell into a pleasant and
excited sleep.
The next day, they made it to the top, a few hours before Estia’s Rite.
They had a sun clock.
When Estia arrived, they saw them drink the spring water, and be led into
the temple by their mentor, who stayed outside. They were not expecting
temple walls to block their visuals, so they decided on a plan. Erya had
been practicing an illusion spell, and Meldes was very good with
invisibility cloaking. Therefore, Erya made an illusion of a small Squirtlelooking creature, with a horn and pitch-black eyes (a Unilana). The
creature run past by the entrance of the temple, getting the mentor’s
attention. Simultaneously, Meldes, already invisible, snuck pass the
mentor, slightly opened the door to the temple and went in.
Erya dispelled the illusion, but they were so nervous and excited that the
Unilana was not disappearing. They asked them to run into a nearby
forest, lose the mentor’s gaze, and come close to where Erya was
standing. And so did the Unilana.
There they waited, Aasimar and illusion, side by side. Erya knew they
Rite of Binding usually took around an hour. After an hour, Erya was as
excited as before. They were very curious, so they put their ear against
the wall of the temple, which was thick enough not to let any sound out,
but still Erya wanted to try, with a mischievous look on their face.
“I am sure Meldes is learning a lot and having a great time in there! I can’t
wait to hear more about it! And I have to share how much my illusion spell
has advanced. Even if I cannot dispel it yet… But still! The illusion has
been here with me for more than an…!”
Suddenly, a big screech interrupted Erya thoughts. It came from within
the temple, without any doubt. Erya didn’t think how impossible that was,
since the walls were so thick. The screech must have been incredibly
loud, supernatural.
Erya gasped, and instinctively stepped away from the wall. With the rush,
they tripped over and fell. Erya felt a primordial fear rise inside them.
Everything was wrong. They were completely paralyzed, as fear was
taken over.
Then they started hearing a slow chant. Abruptly, the Unilana stood
between the temple wall and Erya, aggressively hissing in the direction of
the chant, as if trying to protect the kid. An invisible wall sent the Unilana
flying some feet backwards, but the Unilana adamantly came back to
stood between the wall and Erya.
Erya was witnessing this, but could not stop the process of the terror
taking over their mind. All doubts, traumas and negative feelings were
drowning their heart. They felt worse than death.
Then the Unilana was at its limit. It suddenly turned around and leaped
directly into Erya, just as they had started to faint. Then Erya felt a
searing pain around their right hand’s index finger, and felt into a deep
--- Narrator secrets --The Unilana was actually a real Fey creature Erya had summoned. It will
connect to Fey creatures in the plot of the campaign, and to the fact that
Erya, as a druid, will be eventually be able to summon them.
--- Narrator curtain ends --When they woke up, night has fallen. They felt completely worn out, but
they were alive. The pain in their finger reminded them of that. Erya
incorporated slowly, and looked at their finger. There lay a beautiful silver
ring, emitting a weak glimmer that was magnified by the moon light. Erya
took it off, and looked at their finger. There were some marks where the
ring had been, what looked like burn marks. The symbols reminded them
of the ones in the black ring Meldes and them had found. Quickly they
checked, and the silver ring had similar looking symbols in its inside as
Once their hypothesis had been corroborated, they realized:
“Meldes! Where is Meldes! And the Rite! What was that ugly screech?! I
need to find Meldes, now.
With renewed energy and drive, Erya stood up and started circling around
the building, making no sound, and barely breathing. They found no one
at the door, and the inside of the temple was pitch-black. Cautiously, they
summoned a flicker of light-element fire, and went inside.
The floor was golden, and so were the walls. There was a red and golden
carpet leading inwards from the entrance. Erya followed it, and after some
second, they arrived to an altar. It was majesties. A pure block of gold, full
of ornaments that depicted Aasimar. On top they found a golden chalice,
and further inspecting it, they noticed an orange drop still remained on it.
Curious, Erya touched it with the tip of its index finger. An unimaginable
pain shot up their finger. It was as if Agony itself had slashed them open
with a sword. Not even a second after, the silver ring started gleaming
and the pain immediately receded.
Erya understood that the ring had granted them protection against
whatever that black liquid was. Adamant on finding Meldes, they started
inspecting the whole room, and now sure there was no one else around,
they chanted a spell, hovering the hand with the white fire upwards. The
fire transformed into a fiery bird, which flew and grew and got divided into
more birds. The birds flew to the different corners of the room and stayed
The sight of the illuminated room was splendorous. As they thought, the
side and back walls were also golden, and there were magical lamps all
across the ceiling. Apart from the altar, there was nothing more on the
floor of the room, so it was clear no one was there.
Yet Erya’s sharp and focused eyes caught something, a faint dark
glimmer in the contrast of the golden reflection of the temple. They got
closer, kneeled down, and found the black ring Meldes and them had
found the night before. Without hesitation, they put it on their left index
finger and headed out of the temple.
They spent the whole night scouting around Mount Caelum’s top, but
Meldes was nowhere to be found. They decided to head back to the
village, the acropolis, using again the secret passage.
“Maybe Meldes is waiting for me in the small cave” Erya though, with a
feeling of uneasiness slightly blinding their resolve. But Meldes was not
there, nor were they at their forest camp close to the village. When Erya
arrived to the Astorian abode by dawn, they met Meldes there. Erya run
to hug them, and Meldes hugged them back. Erya suddenly started
feeling very weak, as if falling into a deep slumber. This time the ring
didn’t glow, but it burnt deep into Erya’s skin, waking them up. Erya then
let go of Meldes’ embrance and expressed they had been very worried.
Meldes replied they needn’t, the Rite had proceeded normally. They sat
down on a the dirt of the Astorian garden as Meldes narrated the events
inside the temple. Estia and the high-prieste, Erabor, had walked up to
the altar, where Erabor had offered Estia a cup of divine nectar. Estia had
drank it, their wings had manifested and, now determined to be a man by
his deva, he had made an oath to serve the Aasimar. When Estia and
Erabor left for Estia’s first flight, Meldes exited the temple and found Erya
fast asleep outside. Meldes thus decided to go back home and wait for
them there, since they were also very tired. Erya nodded as they were
hearing this, their senses edge-sharp thanks to the burning sensation.
Meldes would have never left them behind, and they omitted the screech,
I am sure I didn’t imagine that.
With doubts and worries, Erya followed Meldes into the kitchen, and
another day started for them. All throughout the next year, the twins were
as close as always. Erya didn’t feel again as if Meldes was not the
Meldes they knew. Still, Erya didn’t forget what happened that night, and
kept both rings a secret from Meldes and everyone else, permanently
hidden together with the burn marks under a concealment spell. Several
times did Erya talk to Estia, asking innocent questions. Yet Estia’s version
of the story matched Meldes’ perfectly. Doubting if it all had been a
dream, or maybe wanting to believe that, the day of their Rite arrived.
In the case of twins, an exception was made and they were allowed to
climb Mount Caelum together. The climbing was pleasant, they had fun
and explored also parts outside of the main road. On the top, they drank
from the Spring of Solitude. Erya felt an icy cold liquid making its way into
their belly, but it felt as if this liquid spread also over their lungs, hearts, all
arteries and veins, till it could be felt all inside them.
Refreshed in mind and soul, they made their way to the temple, lead by
their mentor, their aunt. Inside they met Erabor, who solemnly led them to
the Altar. There were two chalices awaiting them, one golden, one silver.
Meldes, before Erya could react, took the silver cup and drank its
contents. Meldes eyes became light of pure gold, and golden white wings
emerged from their back. Erabor then congratulated Meldes and shared
that her deva had determined she was a woman. Erya, encouraged by
Erabor, took the other cup and looked inside, only to see an orange liquid,
nectar. For a slow second hesitant to drink, they chucked the chalice’s
content into their organism.
That familiar pain worse than death touched them. This time it was not
only on their finger, but on their whole body. Erya bent down in pain, and
fell to the floor. Their eyes started to close as they were reaching their
limit. The last thing they saw was Erabor and Meldes looking at them.
“What is wrong? Please help me! They look scary, expressionless. And
Meldes eyes… Their golden now looks more, orange?”
Erya fainted. They woke up at their bed back at the Astorian residency.
Meldes had fallen asleep on a chair, her upper body leaning on the bed.
Again, Erya felt it had all been a dream, but they knew this feeling, they
had experienced it before, and they knew it was true. They heard the
voice of their deva speaking in their mind. The deva explained the Rite of
Binding had failed and that they needed to go on a mission of pilgrimage
so they could fulfill it with success. So far, Erya had listened to the
soothing voice of the deva, when they advised them to study for an exam,
or be polite and educate. It was an easy way to get around society, and
build their mask. However, for the first time Erya noticed a tone of
persuasion on the deva’s mental voice.
Meldes woke up and when she saw her sibling was also awake, she
fiercely hugged them.
“Oh Erya! I am glad you are finally recovered! ^^ Let’s eat something and
go for a walk, shall we?”
So they did. On the walk through the forest, Erya remained cautious and
level-headed. It was painful to realize they couldn’t trust Meldes. Erya
shared their devas guidance and Meldes encouraged them to part as
soon as possible. Erya asked her if she would come with them, but
Meldes said they now had other responsibilities. Even if they couldn’t trust
Meldes, Erya felt sullen and nostalgic Meldes wouldn’t accompany them.
On the way back home, Meldes suddenly fell on one knee, and started
holding her head. She screamed in pain.
Erya got down to them, trying to see what was wrong. They noticed
Meldes eyes were now white, changing from a golden to an orange tone.
Meldes wings had also manifested, some feathers golden, some feathers
orange-white. Meldes, clearly in pain, spoke:
“Erya, my beloved sibling… We are in danger. You are. It’s too late for
me” whispered Meldes.
“What? What are you saying Meldes? What’s wrong!” replied Erya, tears
coming to their eyes.
“The ring. The rings. They will protect you. Erabor. Erabor is not Erabor. I
am not Meldes. Anymore” continued Meldes, seemingly not noticing
Erya’s words. “You have to escape… before… it’s… too late.”
Then a cocoon of orange light enveloped Meldes, making Erya feel agony
and pain and forcing them out of Meldes’ touching range. Erya, sitting on
the floor, witnessed Meldes transformation. When the cocoon opened,
Meldes’ wings were golden again, but the reflection was not of gold, but
of orange. The same could be seen for her eyes. Meldes, as if nothing
had happened, drew a hand out to Erya and helped them up, scolding
them for being so careless and continuing their conversation from before.
Deception Arc
Erya then new that something was controlling Meldes, and that Erabor
was part of the scheme. That night, they snuck out and set on to Erabor’s
temple in the highest point of the acropolis. They saw some guards
coming their way and the had to deviate from the staircase that led to
Erabor’s temple, stepping into the path of one of the chancellor’s
Once the guards had passed, Erya was about to resume the climb, when
they suddenly heard something. It was subtle, but Erya could discern two
voices coming from the entrance of the chancellor residency they had
hidden in.
“The guards are ready to escolt the defective child to their pilgrimage, as
we feared”
“We have to do something, we cannot allow more disappearances”
“We can’t, Ahtriel. If we drew attention towards us now, all these years
would have been for nothing.”
Erya recognized the voice of Estia’s mother, Ahtriel -
“I know, but I won’t allow sweet Erya to be taken. Let’s ask them to attack
the guards and Erya as soon as Erabor cannot feel them anymore”
“They are not to be trusted, and right now they are enraged because of
what the Aasimars did to their clan”
“I can find no other way! We have to try!”
Erya had connected the dots. Understanding they could do nothing
against Erabor on their own, and that guards were after them, they had
no choice but to trust in these two voices.
With as much dignity as they could gather, Erya stepped out from the
shadows to meet them.
The Aasimar that were talking a moment ago gasped, and got into a
defensive position. When one of them was reciting an offensive spell,
Ahtriel recognized Erya and prevented the other from attacking.
“Stop! This is Erya! Oh, my dear, are you alright? How did you get here?”
said Ahtriel, a tall person with a slim figure and curly red hair, and
intelligent eyes.
“I see” said the other voice, an elegant Aasimar with broad-shoulders and
fiery eyes.
“Ahtriel, what’s going on? I deserve to know everything! What will happen
on the pilgrimage mission? And what happened to Meldes?” Erya was
losing their cool, bursting the feelings accumulate during a year.
“We don’t have time for this” said the elegant Aasimar. Erya recognized
them as one of the chancellors, thought they could not remember their
“That’s right” followed Ahtriel. “We don’t have time, but now we have a
chance! Erya is here, and the guards don’t know that!”
“Tell me what’s going on!” Erya stated.
The chancellor’s figure blinked, and before Erya reazlied it, the chancellor
was a palm away from them, holding them by their shoulders and looking
at them in the eyes. Then the chancellor said:
“Erya, listen to me, Ahtriel is right, we now have a chance to save you, so
don’t you dare waste it. We are not sure what happened to your sibling,
nor to all the other agender Aasimar. We do know that Erabor is behind it.
You somehow suffered a different fate from most of them, and they
probably want to get rid of you during the pilgrimage. Now I need to ask
you something, all the other first agendar now converted Aasimar just
remember an ideal, guideline-version of the ritual, but we believe you
might be different there”
Erya, calming down, trusted this person and Ahtriel’s innate warmth, and
“I remember drinking the chalice inside the temple. It was filled with
nectar, but it was orange. As I drank it, I felt an unending pain that made
me faint, and I saw Meldes’ brand-new wings and eyes flicked in orange
as well.”
Ahtriel gets closer, where she can she both of them, and both of them can
see her “I see! The orange could mean… many things. But now we need
to get you out of here”. As soon as the guards find out you are not home,
they will notify Erabor and then it will be too late”.
The chancellor then said “Yes, we must hurry” Gripping more strongly
Erya’s arms, they said “Now you must follow us quickly and do as we
Erya quickly answered “I feel I can trust you, I will follow you, let’s go”.
Surprised by Erya’s quick reaction, they led them to what looked like a
basement, down a trap door. Ahtriel whispered something and some
enchantments dispelled, allowing them to enter the small room. There lay
a mirror of great dimensions.
The chancellor turns their head to look at Athriel and says “It’s earlier than
expected, but we had to do it one way or another” “I am glad the kid gets
the chance to use it”.
Now, turning their head to “Erya”, they grab it between their hands and
makes Erya look at them in the eyes. The chancellor continues speaking:
“Erya, now listen closely and remember. This mirror is a portal. It leads to
Izhraya, the Rebel Haven, a place between dimensions and the base of
the Rebels for life. As soon as you cross, find Draecon, and tell them
Neria and Ahtriel send you, and that we had to break the mirror after you
crossed. If they doubt you, tell them our secret word “Arborealus”.
Erya nods. With their good memory, they have prioritized remembering all
the details. They trusted Ahtriel, and they feel they can also trust the
Chancellor, now knowing their name is Neria.
“Good, now stand in front of it, and when we tell you so, jump into it”
Ahtriel explained.
Erya does as she said. Then Ahtriel and Neria start chanting in a
language unknown to them. Erya manages to catch a word, it’s Izhraya,
the name of the place they are supposedly going to be teleported to.
When the chant stops, the mirrors reflection fades and becomes
completely black.
“Good luck, my brave child, live” says Ahtriel, with emotion in her voice.
Erya understands she is acting motherly towards them, but also feels as if
there was something more.
“We rebel for life, Erya, remember that” Neria adds “Now, jump!”.
Erya, with thousands of thoughts in their mind, but already agreeing with
their saviors’ wise words and making them theirs, acknowledges they are
afraid , instantaneously summons the courage needed and jumps into the
Everything is black, and they cannot feel their limbs or body. But this
sensation only lasts for a second. Then they feel their body again, and
how it flexes its legs to stop the jump and fall into solid ground.
Rebellion Arc
The first thing Erya did was to quickly scan their surroundings. They could
see a settlement composed of picturesque buildings of all styles, all
Ahead of them lied a path of cobblestone, but not quite. It had been so
trodden that only a few stones remained, and now the main stepping
ground was a dark green and purple ivy that seemed to crawl among the
stones. It made it look as if the path was a façade and the ivy was
fearlessly climbing through it.
Erya looked after them and saw a big stone arc making an oval shape.
You could see through it, and Erya’s sight got lost into a wilderness they
had never witnessed before: a wide grassland that gave way to forests
that looked like different biomes themselves. The grass was tall and soft,
and the trees had very unlikely colors and trunk shapes. Erya did not
recognize them, but they knew now it was not the time to explore. They
had an urgent message to deliver.
Erya started walking down the path towards the settlement. On the
outskirts of it, a group of children, not much younger than themselves,
bumped into them. The children were a diverse lot: a half-elf, a dwarf, two
half-lings and a tiefling. They were surprised to see Erya, not because of
who they were, but simple because they had never met before. Without
judgement, the tiefling introduced themselves “I am Gin and my pronouns
are fae and faer, nice to meet you! ^^ What are yours?”. Erya was very
glad someone was welcoming them to introduce themselves, also with
their pronouns <3
Erya smiled widely “I am Erya and my pronouns are they and them, a
pleasure to meet you Gin. I would love to get to know you better, but right
now I need to find Draecon, it’s urgent”.
The half-elf confidently stepped forward and quickly introduced herself “I
am Tis-ahra, she/her. Can you tell us our word?
Erya quickly remembered “Yes, Arborealus”.
“Very well!” Tis-ahra answered in glee. “Come, friend, we’ll lead you to
Tis-ahra, followed by the others and Erya, started running. “These kids
are fast!” Erya thought to themselves, focusing on their feet in order to
keep up with them.
The path stopped just as they entered the settlement. The floor was made
of dirt and wild-plants. The children navigated Erya around alleyways and
crowded streets. So quicly Erya didn’t have the chance to pay much
attention to their surroundings.
Finally, they arrived to a hut almost at the edge of the settlement. There
were ivys all over the walls, but they seemed to sprout from the chimney,
then fall, and dive into the ground. Inside the hut, a dragonborn awaited
“Draecon! Our new friend Erya, they/them, needs to talk to you!” said Gin,
“It is urgent.” Added Tis-ahra, with a proud stance.
“Thank you, Gin, Tis-ahra, I will take it from here” said Draecon. The
children left and Erya looks at Draecon. Draecon is a blue dragonborne,
who seems to be in their 30s. They have spikes around their head, which
look like a crown. Their semblant is peaceful, and their black eyes have a
glimmer of curiosity.
“Welcome Erya, I have heard about you from Neria and Ahthriel. Although
they didn’t expect they could save you, nor your sibling.”
“So they told me, but before, let us introduce ourselves properly. I am
Erya, and my pronouns are they and them, what about you?” said Erya,
cutting to the point and inviting to a welcoming conversation.
“Oh my, right!” answered Draecon. “My name is Draecon and my
pronouns are they and faer, it’s my pleasure”.
“Thank you” Erya continued. “Indeed did Neria and Ahthriel mention it had
been a struck of good luck that I got to them before the guards got to me.
They told me to cross a mirror, which I understand was a portal. Then to
find you, Draecon, and tell you they had to break the mirror. Earlier than
expected, I remember them saying”.
“That’s good, that’s good. The only reason that mirror was still activated
was because we still had a slight hope of saving you, and it turned out we
did well, though I understand it was also under your own merits” said
Draecon. “How much do you know about us, child?”.
“Fairly little” answered Erya. “From my quick conversation with Ahthriel
and Neria, I know you are some kind of rebel group that fights for life,
which I like, but I would like to know more”.
“Fair enough, come with me, and let’s have a talk at the living room” said
Draecon, as fae led Erya across a curtain. The living room was decorated
in what we would feel is a west Asian styles, with many silky clothes
hanging, and lamps with star patterns that got projected on the ceiling
and walls. Over a tea, Erya avidly listened to Draecon talk about the
Rebels for Life, asking sharp questions here and there, and feeling more
and more welcome. The weight of Meldes’ deception, and the anger at
Erabor’s plots slowly entered a dormant state. Not forgotten, still very
present, but Erya knew their priority right now was to learn more about
the Rebels for Life, and how to join them, they already thought.
Liberation Arc
Izrhaya slowly became Erya’s home. The open hearts of the people, their
bittersweet backgrounds and their common goal bonded them together.
When they were not on a mission, Erya resided in one of the common
houses of Izrhaya. They shared the bedroom with 5 other rebels, with
whom Erya became friends. When they had free time, they went together
to explore the wilderness that surrounded Izrhaya and had thousands of
adventures and anecdotes. Then they usually finished the day around the
general bonfire, mingling and sharing their deeds with other rebels.
Sometimes, the party continued around the bonfire, with dances and
music that were not meant to be heard together, yet they somehow fitted
in perfectly. Other times, they went earlier home and spent a cozy time on
a pijama party, sharing about their pasts, and of course, dancing and
singing, but in a more relaxed fashion, like a meditation.
Independence Arc
8 years after, Erya was a proud member of the Rebels for Life. They had
gone on countless missions and adventures.
Rebels for Life
A non-hierarchical secret community that lives in Izhraya, the realm in
between dimensions. The inhabitants form the movement called “Rebels
for Life”, and they fight in equality and against the systematic oppression
brought by unethical systems.
Learns how to read the Stars
Learns languages: Sylvan and Dwarvish, Sylvan to use the artifacts of