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Complete the sentences with one of the following words:
1. She got the job _______________ the fact that she had very little experience.
2. My sister's handwriting is always so neat, _______________ mine is a total mess.
3. I lost the game, but I told myself that I had improved a lot _______________.
4. You'd better wear a helmet when you go rollerblading. _______________, you could
hurt yourself.
5. Reading is an excellent way to increase your vocabulary. _______________, it can also
help you improve your grammar.
6. The student's essay was badly written. _______________, it was too short.
7. Wine will spoil if exposed to light; _______________, wine bottles are usually green
or yellow.
8. Alcohol can delay your reaction times; _______________, you should never drink and
9. _______________ we have talked about the dangers of smoking to the students
before, I think the information bears being repeated.
10. Our prime minister is an incompetent leader. ____________, his government is
financially irresponsible.
11. n March of 1999, more than 130 nations signed a United Nations Treaty banning land
mines; ____________, the United States, Russia and China did not sign.
12. He was an absolute failure in medical school, so he decided to try law ____________.
13. Margaret Mead once observed, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world. ____________, it's the only thing that ever
14. You are not eligible for a subsidized bus pass ____________ you are a full-time
Make one sentence from the two below, using the word(s) in brackets.
1. She wasn't very rich. She gave money to the poor. (although)
2. He left early. He wanted to arrive on time. (so that)
3. You can go out tonight. You must tell us where you are going. (provided)
4. Tom doesn't earn a big salary. But if he did, he wouldn't buy car. (even if)
5. Take a sandwich. There might be no restaurant there. (in case)
6. There was a lot of noise. Charlie managed to sleep. (despite)
7. Sue likes Opera. Joe prefers jazz. (whereas)
8. The weather was bad. They enjoyed the trip. (even though)
9. He had the 'flu. He went to work. (in spite of)
10. You have to put the alarm on. If not, it won't work. (unless)
Re-write the sentences using ONE of the words in brackets.
1. He had multiple injuries. He survived the accident.
(nevertheless - consequently - furthermore)
2. Mobile phones are useful. Some are complicated to use.
(furthermore - on the other hand - for instance)
3. There are several negative points. The price is too high.
(for example - therefore - likewise)
4. I requested an estimate. I received no reply.
(conversely - in addition - however)
5. Mark always argues with his family. He constantly disagrees with his colleagues.
(in addition - nonetheless - similarly)
6. The delivery arrived late. The goods were damaged.
(nevertheless - moreover - in the same way)
7. She won the competition. She was awarded the first prize.
(likewise - consequently - besides)
8. Jack loves red meat. His wife is a vegetarian.
(similarly - in addition - on the contrary)
Read the sentence carefully and select the correct answer choice.
1. We have a mouse in the house. Unfortunately/Therefore, we should get a cat.
2. Megan got into a car accident. Furthermore/As a result, her insurance rate increased.
3. Michael is very athletic and plays on the school basketball team. However/In addition,
his brother just stays at home and plays video games all day.
4. There are many occupations today. Such as/For Example, you can become a doctor,
engineer, teacher, artist, athlete, musician, or chef, just to name a few.
5. The US government has been spending its money recklessly for too long.
Furthermore/As a result, the plans that Congress proposes are destined to put the nation
at great economic risk in the future.
6. Getting a college degree is important. In conclusion/More importantly, building a good
network of friends is crucial to future success.
7. Hawaii is a beautiful place to live. In addition/On the contrary, Siberia is a very
inhospitable location.
8. Eating well will help you live a healthier life. Moreover/As a result, exercising every day
is also highly recommended.
9. Do you enjoy completing these grammar exercises? Then/Yet, you should be able to
improve your writing skills in no time!
10. Without getting a college degree, it will be difficult to get a job. Moreover/However,
some will say, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”
11. The economy looks like it is improving. Therefore/However, with unemployment still
very high, we are far from passing through the recession.
12. Dr. Xavier gave his patients other forms of medical treatment. In addition/On the
contrary, Dr. Magneto’s patients only took sugar pills. As a result, Dr. Xavier’s patients
healed more quickly than Dr. Magneto’s patients.
13. First, the author assumes that the two groups from these studies are the same group
of people. Therefore/However, considering these kinds of studies are based on random
sampling, the first group may not be the same people who responded in the second study.
14. Studies have proven that not only wine but also a beer can be good for your health.
Therefore/However, only one drink a day will have helpful benefits. Beyond that, drinking
will cause more problems.
15. Getting a degree from law school is a great accomplishment. However/In addition, it
does not guarantee that one will have a job after graduation.
16. The Catholic Church has faced many struggles. However/In addition, child molestation
may be the biggest challenge the Pope and the clergy must resolve in recent times.
17. Moving from one country to another can result in culture shock. However/In addition,
the language barrier that many immigrants face can lead to a long life of hardship.
18. The author’s assumption that men are inferior to women is severely lacking. More
importantly/However, she does bring up a valid point that men are unable to give birth to
19. Lowering the national deficit would bring many positive benefits. However/For example,
banks would have more money to loan small business owners that could potentially
stimulate the economy.
20. A cease-fire between North and South Korea has been in effect for 50 years.
However/Furthermore, without a peace treaty, the potential for another war is always