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Evidencia 5: Ejercicio práctico “Advertising and web page”
Design strategies to make an effective presentation of the product or service, in
accordance with the objectives and policies of the organization
Presented by:
Cristian Camilo Diaz Alzate
Diana Marcela Elles
Sofia duarte
Ivon Chavarria
Blingualism Component
International Business.
File: 2282663.
SENA, Center for Financial Services.
November 15 Th, 2021.
Evidencia 5: Ejercicio práctico “Advertising and web page”
Para las empresas que tengan la idea de iniciar exportaciones, es importante tener
en cuenta los clientes de habla inglesa, por lo que se hace necesario manejar una
excelente estructura gramatical y lingüística al momento de establecer un medio
visual que permita promocionar exitosamente sus productos o servicios.
Por lo anterior, desarrolle esta evidencia teniendo en cuenta la lectura y el análisis
del material de formación denominado Presenting the product, y
posteriormente desarrolle los siguientes puntos:
1. Haga un breve análisis sobre la imagen publicitaria que se observa a
continuación, y en base a ella describa en inglés: el producto, la población a
la cual va dirigido y la presentación de este, utilizando adjetivos
positivos, comparativos y superlativos.
“Sandwich lpq is a brand of fast-food products that in its preparation uses fresh and
natural products, is aimed at customers from strata 1 to stratum 5 who wish to eat
healthy. Its American style preparation makes it desirable among the Colombian
population what makes it more artistic giving the consumer security in its preparation
and quality. Their prices can vary from 3500. Weights to combos and special
preparations that reach 18,000 pesos, we are also based on the combination of natural
and healthy drinks thus achieving that our consumers fall in love and promote the
brand LPQ.”
2. Elija dos imágenes publicitarias de diferentes fuentes confiables y sobre
cada una de ellas haga un análisis, una breve descripción en inglés de sus
características técnicas y complete los aspectos que se le solicita a
Price: Coffee Sello Rojo. $ 114.990. (One box of 12 bags)
Target market: For the whole family over 12 years old.
Product features:
✓ Sello Rojo Coffee is a 100% natural coffee without additives.
✓ It contains 4 times more antioxidants than Traditional Red Seal
✓ It helps prevent heart disease.
✓ The suggested minimum consumption is 4 daily cups of 100 ml.
✓ Endorsed by the Colombian Heart Foundation.
• Image 2:
Price: Coca - Cola $1.200 COP Coca - Cola
Target market: extended to all people from 5 years of age in
advance not only to refresh but to consume at any time and in any
Product features:
✓ This drink is a sugary soft drink of dark brown or black
color due to the caramel of its composition.
✓ Originally sold in pharmacies, it often contains caffeine.
✓ Two of the original ingredients and where it gets its name
from are coca leaves and Cola acuminata seeds. Both
contain psychostimulant alkaloids.
✓ Some of the best-known brands of cola are Coca-Cola and
3. Elabore una sección en inglés de la página web corporativa, realizada en la
Evidencia 4: Página web corporativa de la actual guía de aprendizaje,
traduzca las secciones más relevantes de la página, de manera que pueda ser
un canal de información para los clientes de habla inglesa, tenga en cuenta la
gramática y el adecuado uso del vocabulario.
5 Years Exporting the best coffee.
We are a company in the Colombian coffee region, dedicated to marketing the
best Arabigo soluble coffee beans, a soft coffee with a pleasant aroma.
We work hand in hand with the coffee growers who are the engine of our
company, they are the ones who plant, care for and harvest the coffee crops,
using environmentally friendly practices.
“To be a leading company in the export of soluble coffee by 2025 of decaffeinated
coffee, traditional coffee and special coffees, integrating in our export process,
small and medium coffee growers, always guaranteeing clean production
processes and friendly with the environment, accompanying our clients in their day
to day, with a high-quality soluble coffee, which transmits them through a cup of
coffee a unique experience of the best soft coffee in the world”.
To position ourselves as leading exporters in the international market, through our
high-quality soluble coffee and offering our clients a smooth coffee with great
aroma, expand our customer segment, aimed at those looking for a coffee grown
with environmentally friendly practices. environment, in addition to generating a
positive social impact on our employees.
Target market: Product for any type of person, age, or socioeconomic status,
(decaffeinated coffee, recommended for minors).
Product features:
✓ 1. Helps burn fat, Caffeine is a natural metabolism accelerator.
✓ Provides nutrients, Riboflavin - Pantothenic Acid -
Manganese - Potassium - Magnesium.
✓ Source of antioxidants, To the vitamins and
minerals that a cup of coffee contains, an
important load of antioxidants is added, especially
polyphenols and hydroxycinnamic acids.
✓ Protects the heart and liver, In addition to fighting
chronic and degenerative diseases, coffee helps
to take care of the health of the liver by
preventing and delaying the development of
diseases such as cirrhosis and fatty liver.
✓ It is a drink that serves to accompany any meal,
gives energy and has a delicious flavor and
✓ very easy preparation, in 3 minutes just adding
hot water.