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Immodest Proposal -Shams Hanfe

An Immodest Proposal
Juvenelian Satire by Shams Hanfe, III/Ist
Let’s be XYZ-phobic, It’s really ‘In’ this year,
Let’s find an ugly nasty smelly XYZ to fear,
No more cutsie stories with no bite, just gentle bark,
Let’s learn to handle arguments like 1919 a la Jallianwala park.
We know we have to hate them, they’re different (blegh!) you see,
We’ve seen they’re mean and ugly on antisocial media and Teevee.
Our noble leaders who ought to know, have told us how it’s got to be,
The irrefutable truth is found in their rallies and echoed in riots, XD
Let’s wipe out any other folk,
That seem to be a threat
We’ll legally sanction a genocide
They never will forget.
Coz if we pity a hundred,
They’ll breed a hundred more
And soon we’ll be hating twice as many as before.
You see these XYZ can never be as good as us, the ABC-kind
A more delightful bunch than us you’re never going to find.
So Step aside you silly ‘Moderates’ (ugh) and be ready for our worst!
We know you want to beat us,
Enslave us and out-breed us,
Oppress us and defeat us,
Unless we get you first ;)