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Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama gave a speech a graduation, about motivation and she gave the
best advice for college students, best advice for success in the life.
She start talking doing some questions about who are you gonna be, she is no
asking what you gonna do ?, other questions is how you plan to life your life every
day?, She asks us many questions about situations that may arise in our life, in
order to be prepared to be prepared for when things don't go well, it is important to
complete basic training in the area you want to succeed, she talk about Try to
convert your weakness to strength, it is important to focus on our abilities , also
always help other people to solve problems. How do you react to circumstances.
The way we react to situations defines who we are. You should work on building
your character.
She is finishing by saying those are the value we have to develop and learn from
our parents or the community.
Sergio Buitrago